Hawes joins Pen City Current sales team


FORT MADISON – Pen City Current is proud to announce an addition to its sales staff.

Martha Hawes has joined the staff as a digital marketing sales consultant and brings close to 10 years of retail experience to her new role.

Hawes is a wife and mother of a four-month old and has lived in Fort Madison her entire life.


She’s spent time on staff with County Market, Family Video, and Shopko in Fort Madison before moving to Lowe’s in Burlington for six years. After a short stint with Complete Rental in Fort Madison she moved to Baxter Construction’s office and has been there for the past 3.5 years.

Hawes said she’s looking forward to the challenge of marketing local businesses and helping them reach a wider customer base through the digital options at her disposal.

She said meeting new people is always a joy for her and now she can use that passion to not only build a career, but help others with their careers as well.

“I believe I’m up for this challenge because I love meeting new people and getting to help them,” Hawes said.

“I think being familiar in Fort Madison and the surrounding areas will be advantageous because being in a small community there’s at least one way to connect with anyone, whether it be through a friend or family member.”

Hawes said living in Fort Madison her whole life has allowed her unique opportunities to get to know many families and she understands the role each person can play in a community.

“I’ve lived here my whole life so I’ve gotten to know a lot of people and a lot of people know me through my parents and siblings. But I genuinely enjoy helping others and advertisement sales is just that, helping others grow their business.”

Pen City Current editor and co-owner Chuck Vandenberg said he’s confident Hawes can hit the ground running.

“She’s certainly connected and has history with people in and around Fort Madison. I think she’s gonna make an exceptional addition to our staff.”

Hawes is just part of a restructuring of Pen City Current that includes bringing aboard award-winning reporter John Bohnenkamp and former Fox Sports Radio Kansas City’s Dave O’Hara. Bohnenkamp contributes editorial content and sports coverage in addition to sitting sideseat with O’Hara on the O’Hara & Bohnenkamp livestream and podcast that’s part of the Pen City Current brand.

“We’re just gonna keep throwing stuff at you and see what sticks,” Vandenberg said.

Hawes can be reached by phone at 319-316-3621 or by email at martha@pencitycurrent.com.

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  1. Pen City Current is fast becoming the primary force in news media in our area, and it’s great to see new faces joining the team. Perhaps you’ve already done it once or twice, but I missed seeing a listing/photo shot of your entire staff and their ‘fit’ in the business. Many of us appreciate the fine work the Vanderberg team is cranking out!

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