County to send letter to BNSF over 255th Street crossings


FORT MADISON – A resolution is in front of Lee County Supervisors about the conditions of railroad crossings on 255th Street and J50 west of the sheriff’s office.

The resolution, which is part of Wednesday’s regular board meeting, is a message to Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad officials asking them to make repairs to the crossings before someone gets hurt. The meeting was moved to Wednesday to accommodate the canvassing of the Nov. 5 election results.

The condition of the crossings was brought up several weeks ago during public comment when a Lee County resident asked the county to look into the issue.

The resolution indicates the crossings owned and maintained by BNSU are “are a public hazard for residents of Lee County in that they have deteriorated to the point the crossings are deficient and unsafe…”

The verbage also asks the rail line to alleviate the safety concerns and limit the county residents’ exposure to liability by installing proper crossings that are safe for vehicular travel.

In other action, the council will also be considering a proposal from Geotechnics Soil and Material testing to do an investigation of the bridge over Mud Creek on 190th Street.

The cost of the work is estimated at $8,900 and would including borings and samplings of the foundation of the existing bridge. A replacement bridge is being considered for the location.

The board is also scheduled also set a public hearing for the solicitation of sealed bids for property at 2410 Avenue M in Fort Madison.

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