Goeckner’s colors take over FMAAA for November

The Christ Mission of Lima, Ohio, is in full color as part of Fritz Goeckner's November exhibit at FMAAA. Courtesy photo


FORT MADISON – FMAAA is always humming with activity in November on historic Avenue G. This year is no exception. Fritz Goeckner, equal parts scientist and artist, provides an inviting photographic landscape to the many programs occurring at the art center this month.
The feature gallery is bathed in color that will grab you like the fall colors of the trees. In fact, Fritz has developed a unique style that places his photos in a category like none other. There is no black, no white, nor shades of grey in the city scenes that he journalizes. Lee County Abstract Company is the sponsor for the exhibit this month.  Reception occurs November 15th from 5-7pm.  Wine tasting from Baxter’s Vineyard and Winery will be featured at the program.

Fritz explains, “When photography was invented, color was impossible. Only light and dark could be recorded. More realistic full color photography is now cheaper and easier than black and white. But black and white hasn’t been abandoned; it’s still widely practiced and well respected. Why is it acceptable to withhold the color—half the information of the image? It’s not just because it’s been done before.
The abstract nature of black and white photography allows a rare and useful combination: a perfect “straight” record of the image produced by the lens, and simultaneously and escape from literal realism. Properly used, it is an expressive and even eloquent form. Let’s think instead about making the photograph itself in a new way. We can omit light and dark. We can make photographs using only the pure color that’s left out of black and white.
An imaginative person might suspect that recording only color is as valid as recording only not-color. Are there good reasons for making such photos? They would provide the same combination as black and white: a perfect, yet non-literal image. And they can express what black and white never can, color and all those things that come from color. What would such pictures look like? Might they be rewarding to make and view? Some of these questions can only be answered by trying.” (Editors note: Indeed very rewarding to view!)
With the advent of digital photography everyone with a smart phone can hit the trail and be a photographer. With so many entrants to the medium, you really need something to differentiate yourself from the rest. Fritz developed his method and style prior to the advent of digital photography! A really cool tandem is to view the black and white display at the FMAAA’s Member Artist Gallery near the piano after viewing Fritz’s all color photos. By-the-by piano lessons are locked up for the time being. However
a few slots are available on Guitar Tuesdays at FMAAA from 4-7pm. Call us if your ready to use that guitar sitting in the other room!
Reception for Fritz Goeckner occurs November 15th from 5-7pm.
Receptions are always free and open to the public. The very next week will close out another fantastic year of our Lunch-ala-Art programs. Fritz will speak about the show after lunch with Fort Colony as the food vendor. Call 372-3996 to grab a slot, finalizing another great luncheon year.
Later that night FMAAA rings in the cheer with perennial anchor HyVee at the annual Wine Walk. Than the very next week FMAAA will be open for Parade of Lights. Followed by Mistletoe on Main Street on Small Business Saturday.
FMAAA will have popcorn and hot cocoa on site, as well as cranking our X-mas ornaments in two mediums for the wee ones.
FMAAA is Always Moving and well worth a look for your Christmas shopping list. Shop smart, shop local and take a look at us at 825 Avenue G this holiday season.

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