FMCH Auxiliary Hosts Christmas Fundraiser

FORT MADISON – The FMCH Auxiliary is hosting a Christmas Tree/Wreath/Quilt Silent Auction fundraising event.  This fifth annual event will take place now through 10:00 a.m. on Monday, November 25, 2019 in the Main Lobby of Fort Madison Community Hospital.
The FMCH Auxiliary will auction off seven fully decorated trees, three wreaths, and two quilts, each with their own theme, to the highest bidder.  The sponsoring auxiliary members chose all of the decorations, and themes for each. Trees, wreaths and quilts will be on display and available for bidding in the Main Lobby of Fort Madison Community Hospital.
“We invite everyone to stop in at FMCH to enjoy these beautiful trees and wreaths while they are on display, and hopefully, take one home,” said Marilyn Holmes, Chairperson of FMCH Auxiliary’s Christmas Tree Fundraiser.  “We love that this annual holiday auction not only provides someone the joy of taking home a fully decorated tree or wreath, but another way to help our local youth pursue their dreams of attaining a health care career.” 
The Christmas Tree Silent Auction will benefit the FMCH Auxiliary’s Scholarship Program, which assists local students pursuing a degree in the medical field, the FMCH Auxiliary awards $4,000 annually.
The Fort Madison Community Hospital Auxiliary’s Christmas Tree/Wreath/Quilt Silent Auction officially ends on November 25th at 10 a.m. Winners will be contacted to take their tree, wreath or quilt home at that time.   For more information on this fundraising event, contact Carrie Green, FMCH Auxiliary President, 319-376-2747.

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