Letter to the Editor – Rotary offers thanks for park effort


Dear Editor:

About 13 years ago, Fort Madison Rotary adopted Central Park.  In partnership with the City of Fort Madison, we have maintained it, landscaped it, repaired it and installed the children’s playground. We have purchased the sound system for the bandstand, used by weddings and the Community Band. We also annually sponsor one Sunday performance. 

This year, it was discovered that the bandstand needed more than routine repair as it was extensively damaged by termites and needed a complete overhaul. Even with Rotary Funds, Grants that we applied for and were awarded, and in-kind donations, we were unable to finance the costly repairs alone.

Under the leadership of current president Heather Huebner, the Rotary Central Park Maintenance Chair Gene Enke and with the help of the city, and local media, Daily Democrat and Pen City Current, we began a $100,000 in 100 days for our 100th year of Rotary in Fort Madison.  Together with Rotary Funds, Grants, local businesses and many many individuals, the goal was met.

The needed repairs to save the Bandstand are complete. Painting will be completed once warmer weather arrives. New period lighting has been installed, and the Statue of Liberty has been renovated. Remaining funds are in a special account to be used for future maintenance.

Fort Madison Rotary wishes to thank the city for partnering with us, the leaders, the volunteers, those who donated labor and equipment, and those who financially donated to a cause that is dear to all of Fort Madison – our beautiful Central Park.  Thank you. 

Jan Garza
2018-2019 President
Fort Madison Rotary

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