Pothitakis girls launch 3rd Central Park scarf program

Share-A-Scarf, Wear-A-Scarf promotion under way again this winter in Central Park. Courtesy photo


FORT MADISON – For the 3rd year the Pothitakis twins, Samantha and Nicole, have set up their annual Share-A-Scarf, Wear-A-Scarf program in Fort Madison’s Central Park.

The girls set up this program to help others in need and to help those in the community. The seniors at Holy Trinity Catholic School have placed dozens of scarfs in Central Park, tied around trees for anyone to take that may have a need for them or their children.

Samantha Pothitakis wraps one of many scarves around trees in Central Park. Pothitakis and her sister Nicole have been adorning the trees with the winter wear in a Share-A-Scarf, Wear-A-Scarf program in Fort Madison. Courtesy photo.

The girls indicate that they have found it rewarding to not only those that take a scarf, but for themselves as well.

“It has been such a great project. To see the number of scarfs taken in our small community confirms our guess that there are so many kids out there that could use a fun and warm accessory for the winter,” Samantha Pothitakis said.

What makes it even better this year has been the fact that most of the scarfs were handmade.

“Rosie Schroeder heard about our project and over the past several months knitted us dozens of scarfs to give out this year. Her work is amazing and for her to reach out and provide us scarfs was so appreciated,” Nicole said.

They want anyone that needs a scarf to head to the park and grab one they like. The girls check the park repeatedly and then add to the supply when it gets low.

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