FMCH reveals new company logo


FORT MADISON – The Fort Madison Community Hospital (FMCH) Board of Directors and Senior Administrative Team have approved the adoption of a new Fort Madison Community Hospital logo.

The new logo will align the visual identity of Fort Madison Community Hospital with the Great River Health System brand image.

Great River Health System, comprised of Fort Madison Community Hospital and Great River Medical Center, continue their efforts through Project Synergy to build a strong healthcare system for southeast Iowa. Through this process, the importance of presenting a unified brand for employees and community members was recognized and presented for approval.

A new Great River Health logo icon (the cross) will be used for all entities to signify the brand. It will be accompanied by the name of each entity. Fort Madison Community Hospital (FMCH) and Great River Medical Center will not change their names.

A transition to the new logo will take place over the next six months.

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