Buttigieg wins Lee County; still holds lead in state


LEE COUNTY – Lee County voters said a man with no federal elected experience is their favorite candidate for the Democratic nomination for President.

South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg leads the state with 26.4% of the support from caucus-goers in Iowa on Monday.

With results coming in slowly over more than two days and the national pundits shunning the party over it’s mishandling of the results, 96% of precincts were in as of 11 p.m. Wednesday night and all of Lee County results had been tabulated.

In Lee County 150 delegates to the county convention were split between six candidates led by Buttigieg with 54. Former senator and Vice President Joe Biden received 38, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got 31, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren received 16, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar recieved seven and entrepreneur Andrew Yang was given four.

Buttigieg also has the lead in state equivalent delegates, which is the traditional barometer of success at the Iowa Caucuses.

Buttigieg received 26.4% of the SDEs while Sanders was right behind at 533 or 25.7%. Warren was third with 18.3% and Biden was fourth with 15.8%. Klobuchar was fifth at 12.2%.

As far as the preference tabulations, which are akin to a popular vote with attendees writing their first preference on a card during the caucuses. If their group wasn’t viable, they put the name of the candidate they moved to, in the event they didn’t stay uncommitted.

In Lee County, Buttigieg had 382 first preference votes, followed by Biden with 281, Sanders 243, Warren 146 and Klobuchar 63.

When the second preference results were calculated, Buttigieg finished the day with 413 votes, followed by Biden with 286, Sanders with 253, Warren with 140 and Klobuchar with 65.

A full breakdown of the caucus results can be found at the Iowa Democratic Party website at www.thecaucuses.org.

2 thoughts on “Buttigieg wins Lee County; still holds lead in state

  1. This is the best the democrats have to offer??
    Other than saying they hate donald trump how are they going to make our country better than what he is doing?
    Numbers dont lie…

  2. President trump won all of the republican
    Delegates in iowa.that should have been a headline,not one about a rigged dnc…

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