County could set maximum 2020-21 tax rates Tuesday


LEE COUNTY – Lee County supervisors will vote to approve the first step in the 2020-21 budgeting process Tuesday.

At the regular Board of Supervisor’s meeting, a public hearing will be held to take any questions on the proposed maximum increases in funds received from property tax dollars in the fiscal year 2020-21.

County Budget Director Cindy Renstrom has proposed property taxes for rural county services at $2,042,566, which is 2% increase of the previous year. She’s also proposing a decrease in the amount requested for general county services of .94% to a total of $10,645,921.

The estimated tax rate for general services for 2020-21 is projected to at $6.797/$1,000 assessed valuation and $2.415/$1,000 for rural services.

If the county had requested the same amount of funding from the 2019-20 budget year, due to increased valuations, the rates would have dropped to $6.854/$1,000 for general and $2.368/$1,000 for rural services.

A 2019 state law put a soft cap on the local governmental property taxes at 2% and anything over that requires a separate public hearing and a supermajority vote of the board.

Renstrom is basing her numbers of a budgeted county taxable valuation for general services at $1.57 billion, and taxable valuation for rural services at $845.7 million.

The board will also consider:

• plans and setting a bid letting date for the removal of flood debris on 280th Avenue/Bridgeport Road over the Skunk River.

• approval of a CEO liability agreement with Iowa Region 16 Local Workforce Development Area

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