Central Lee superintendent updates district residents

The following is a March 18 update from Central Lee Community Schools superintendent Dr. Andy Crozier printed in its entirety.

Good Afternoon,

We are continuing to communicate with our community regarding updates and district decisions during the COVID-19 school closure.

School Events
As of right now, all school events through April 12 have been canceled or postponed. Any events after this date are as scheduled for now. This includes graduation and prom. We will not make decisions regarding events scheduled for after April 12 until at least April 1. At that time, we hope to know more about how long this school closure will last.

Learning at Home
Next week, we will begin offering supplementary learning resources for our families. Per guidance from the Iowa Department of Education, these resources are not required and will not be graded by classroom teachers. We understand our families have challenges beyond student learning right now. We also know that a large majority of our families do want resources so that they can continue learning in some format in their homes. We hope to offer learning resources no later than Wednesday, March 25.

On March 23, our staff returns to work (remotely) and will begin creating these supplemental learning resources for our students and their families. This will look different for all buildings, and we are working through finding solutions for our families who do not have adequate internet access. We will do our best to find solutions for all families. However, this may take some time.

Meal Services
Based on yesterday’s survey, we are getting ready to deliver meals to homes starting March 23. Two meals will be delivered to homes. Bags will include a breakfast and a lunch meal for students. THIS MEAL SERVICE IS FREE FOR ALL FAMILIES AND CAN INCLUDE ANY CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18.
If you are open enrolled into the district, you must use your resident district for meal access. Like in Central Lee, these meals are free, but may require you to pick them up from a designated location. Information on area schools’ meal service is available on our COVID-19 website: http://www.centrallee.org/district/about_central_lee/public_notice/c_o_v_i_d19_information

Pick Up Service
Starting next week, our staff will begin calling individuals who requested access to certain items in our building. These requests will be handled individually and a school representative will deliver them to your vehicle. This may include textbooks, iPads, personal items, etc. Students and parents will NOT be allowed in our building during this time. We have about 100 requests so far, and we will begin working through them on Monday. Please expect a phone call to set up a pickup time.
We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Dr. Andy Crozier,

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