Central Lee school district programming update

The following is an update from Central Lee School District Superintendent Dr. Andy Crozier printed in its entirety

Dear Central Lee Family,
We welcomed our staff back (remotely) this week after our spring break. Our teachers have spent two days quickly learning the in and outs of Zoom, a web conferencing tool, and trying to design supplemental learning resources for students.

There are a few updates I would like to share with you:

Meal Delivery
We are currently delivering 200 meals per day. I want to encourage our families to consider signing up for this free service. It can help reduce your grocery bill, provide an easy lunch without the prep during a busy work from home day, or simply make things a bit easier for you during this challenging time.

If you want to be added to our meal delivery service, please contact Amy Fogary (afogarty@centrallee.org) or call the office anytime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. As a reminder, this service is available for resident students. Open enrolled students are welcome to access free meals from their resident school districts. You can find area schools meal delivery service information at our COVID-19 website.

Supplemental Learning
Starting this morning (March 25), the supplemental resource page has now been posted. As a reminder, these resources are optional and not graded. We are working to get offline resources in families hands ASAP. This does take some time to print, package, and deliver, so there may be a few more days before you see them in your homes.

As I mentioned in the cover letter on the supplementary learning resource page, we do not expect parents to be a replacement for classroom teachers. If you engage in this work, please do your best to help your children. Your support is greatly appreciated. If your child is struggling with a topic, our staff is ready to assist.

You are not expected to homeschool your child. Rather, you are providing a bridge in learning until we can come back to school.

WiFi Access
We are activity seeking a WiFi extension to allow our signal to extend into our parking lot at the high school. This will allow students and/or parents to drive to the school and hop on our WiFi for access. We hope to get this done as quickly as possible and will communicate when it is ready to go.

iPad & Request Services
You should be notified that, starting today, you can begin to come to school to receive your items. All iPad requests are ready, and we will continue to fill requests as they come in. When you come to school, please stay in your vehicle. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to enter the building. The request forms are below in case you need to retrieve something from our building.

iPad Request Form

High School Requests

Middle School Requests

Elementary Requests

Office Hours
We are modifying our hours to reduce the number of people on our campus. We will be available 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Thursday. We are no longer allowing visitors to enter the district office. We will still be available by phone, email, or Zoom meeting.

I hope you are able to use this time to connect with your family. I am hearing lots of stories of family board games, family movie nights, family meals, and much more. The weather is getting nicer, as well. It will be important to get outside the next few days. Hopefully, you can find time to go on a walk.

We miss our students and hope they are back sooner than later. Until then, let’s all take care of each other and make sure we come out on the other side of this better together.

Dr. Andy Crozier, Superintendent

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