Letter to the Editor – Buy local when possible during crisis

Dear Editor:

Many of the businesses throughout Iowa and the United States, including our local businesses here in West Point are remaining open to serve the public’s needs to successfully avoid the devastation of the COVID-19 virus. Not only are many of these businesses essential to our needs in fighting the coronavirus but are also critical to the owners’ livelihoods. Community support from us now is vital to the future financial health of these businesses and whether these struggling businesses will still be viable when we need to rely on them.
We all know that the policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses, etc. are our heroes and do a miraculous job serving us daily. But did you know that the private sector businesses are staying open daily; eager to provide the products you need every day and put themselves at risk doing so? These essential needs stores such as groceries, gas, vehicle repair, restaurants plumber, electricians, manufacturers and so on are just as key to fighting this community emergency as the public sector.
Please buy local and buy small town. West Point businesses, except those closed through Iowa Governor Proclamation, are open and eager to serve.
Dennis E. McGregor,
West Point City Administrator

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