Crozier responds to extended COVID school suspension

The following is a letter from Central Lee Superintendent Dr. Andy Crozier in response to the Thursday extended suspension of public schools until April 30, printed in its entirety

Today, Governor Kim Reynolds announced the extension of school closures statewide through April 30, 2020. This announcement has been expected over the past few days after President Trump’s extension of social distance guidelines on Sunday.

The closure continues to affect all school programming, including before- and after-school activities, all athletic and extracurricular practices and competitions, and all weekend events through May 2. We are aware that this includes our high school prom. We are committed to ensuring our high school students experience prom, even if it takes place later this summer.

District teachers and staff will continue supplementary learning plans for our students. The Iowa Department of Education has provided school districts the option to require online learning that includes grading assignments. Due to significant equity issues related to accessing high-speed internet, this is not a viable option for our district. In fact, many districts throughout the state will not go with the required option for this very reason.

Please understand that we still believe it is critical to engage children in learning through our supplemental resources. This engagement in learning will hopefully bridge the gap of lost classroom instruction time.

We will continue school lunch services through the extended school closure, as well. We may modify the frequency of meals delivered, but we will continue to ensure resident students receive breakfast and lunch for each school day while school buildings remain closed.

We dearly miss our students and cannot wait to see them back in our buildings. At the same time, we want to ensure the safety of our students, families and all community members. School closures and social distancing are important aspects of returning to normal life in our community as soon as possible. We encourage everyone to do their part by continuing to stay home as much as you can.

Dr. Andy Crozier, Superintendent

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