Lee County Bank partners with Mohrfeld to go solar

A drone view from over the top of Lee County Bank shows the two new car ports with solar panel roofs that will produce about 90% of the bank's energy needs. Courtesy photo.


LEE COUNTY – Lee County Bank is excited to announce that the Main Bank location at 801 Avenue F in Fort Madison is now utilizing solar energy. Mohrfeld Solar aka Mohrfeld Electric, Inc. was contracted for the solar project. The project started back in September of 2019 as the process included a lengthy number of tasks to be completed.

During the winter months, the project was on a standstill and once the weather changed, Mohrfeld Solar was onsite and proceeding as expected. The parking lot has two car ports with solar panels. The solar system ties to the bank and the utility grid, producing approximately 90% of the bank’s annual energy usage.

“Once the soil report came back and we were forced to drill 19’ deep piers, I thought the hard part was over,” said Mohrfeld Electric Inc., owner and president Michael Mohrfeld.

“Tip toeing around trying to figure out if we should start the project back up in the spring and run the risk of getting forced to stop due to COVID-19 was a challenge by itself.”

Luckily, COVID-19 did not impact the solar project for Mohrfeld or for Lee County Bank.

“Lee County Bank has been pondering the “green” aspect for several years and the Board of Directors decided in September of 2019 to move forward with the solar project,” said Mike Culbertson, Lee County Bank president/CEO.

“The solar car port aspect is not as common, and we were excited to venture into this project. It was a great partnership with our local vendor – Mohrfeld Electric, Inc. / Mohrfeld Solar and they were fabulous to work with. Michael Mohrfeld was a great help in our process and planning. He has a great crew that worked on this project and we are excited to show it off.”

The final phase of the project was completed on April 29, 2020 and took roughly two hours to complete. Alliant Energy and Mohrfeld Solar were both on site at 6 a.m. to start the switchover. By the time employees started arriving for the day, the Main Bank was converted to solar power which ties into the bank and the utility grid.

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