Hayes’ new podcast gaining steam with “YouTubers”

2019 FMHS grad Sam Hayes has launched his own podcast interviewing local and state leaders and newsmakers. Courtesy photo

2019 FMHS grad welcomes newsmakers, leaders for 30-minute YouTube show.


FORT MADISON – Being tucked into homes during the pandemic has generated a little jewel over the Internet out of Montrose.

Sam Hayes, a 2019 graduate of Fort Madison High School, started the podcast ‘The Samuel Hayes Show’ on YouTube and is starting to make a name for himself – 30 minutes at a time.

Hayes has just started getting the podcast going with seven episodes, but has had some well-known locals and others from around the state to talk about a variety issues.

He said the idea was born out of making past YouTube videos and building a small audience. After working for a national political campaign, Hayes said the show seemed like the next logical step.

“It kind of goes a little further back to the political campaign. I started doing YouTube videos six or seven months ago, but I wanted to amp that up a bit. And podcasts are kinda in right now,” Hayes said.

He said that’s just one reason for the endeavor, but he said the bigger reason is that he’s very outgoing and the impact of the pandemic, and it’s social distancing, has been hard on him

“I’m an extrovert and like being around people. I’m always out trying to learn things, and the coronavirus has made that tough,” he said.

“But this is me, and my questions, and I genuinely wanna always be learning and growing and this is a good way to keep doing that,” he said.

Hayes has built a subscription base of about 500 on his YouTube Channel which can be found at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBD1npgWQ1vKX2xRqUflclg

The subscription is a free subscription and provides access to all the episodes of the podcast and some additional YouTube work he’s done.

Hayes has had several current and former local FMHS coaches as well as others including an Iowa dentist, and family members. The conversations are raw and informative and Hayes has a comfort in front of the camera.

But he doesn’t want to box himself in with coaches and sports-themed shows. Hayes was a state top-ten wrestler for several years, but was hampered by back and should injuries. He was a favorite at the 2019 tournament, but a shoulder separation in his second match ended his senior year run, despite a heroic effort to get back on the mat and wrestle through it. Hayes also played football for the Hounds.

Although sports is in his wheelhouse, Hayes wants local experts in all fields.

“Literally, anyone who is an expert in their field I want on the show. I find learning to be fascinating and I want as many people as I can talking about all kinds of topics.”

He said podcasts are more of a generational thing and he’s been around tech most of his life. There wasn’t much of an investment other than time and some hardware, Hayes said would have had to purchase for college anyway. He’s studying to become a teacher and coach.

“It’s super simple to do. Nowadays you just pop up a program and you’re good to go,” he said. “I had to buy some editing software but there wasn’t too much money involved, I think about $40 and then a computer I would have needed for school anyway.”

He said he’s had great support from guests he’s wanted on the show and said he was a little surprised by that.

“For the most part, believe it or not, most people, if you reach out and ask, are willing to do it. I’ve got about five or six lined up already for additional shows.”

Some of those include a dietician, a chiropractor, and former FMHS teacher Andrew Troxel, who’s now living in Wisconsin and coaching at his alma mater..

Hayes is doing shows about every two to three days and has six already on his YouTube page that are archived where listeners can listen to one after another.

You can also find the videos and see more on Hayes efforts at his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sam.hayes.94043

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