Police urge cautious driving during holiday weekend

FORT MADISON – Memorial Day is a day that has been designated to honor our deceased Veterans and loved ones. It is also a day in which many want to ‘kick off’ the first day of the summer season. There will be many traveling over the roads to visit with friends and family, as we continue to social distance.
Memorial Day weekend is statistically known as one of the most dangerous times for traveling, due to the high volume of vehicles on the roads. Knowing these dangers probably will not deter you from driving to your holiday celebrations. There will be many who will not take safety measures and will drive when intoxicated or drive while texting or using other electronic devices. Call a designated driver if you have been drinking and if you need to tell your relatives you are running late, pull over. 
We continue to see a spike in drunk-driving accidents every year. In order to make Iowa roads safer all across the state, law enforcement officers will especially be watching for drunk drivers and vehicle occupants not wearing seat belts.
The Fort Madison Police Department along with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau asks that all people drive in a safe and defensive manner. From our point of view, it is better to get to your destination safely without being another statistic.
Drinking alcohol and driving do NOT mix. If you plan on consuming alcohol, you should also plan on NOT getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Sometimes just that one extra drink can be too many. When going out, always have a designated sober driver or alternative transportation, such as a cab, to get everyone home safely.
Plan a safe way home BEFORE the festivities begin
Designate a sober driver. Give them the keys
Any question of sobriety, call a taxi, public transportation, or a sober friend to drive you or anyone who may be impaired, home.
If you see a possible drunk driver on the road, contact your local law enforcement officials
During this warm summer weekend, Law Enforcement Officers throughout the State of Iowa will be out enforcing Iowa’s seat belt, drinking and texting laws, as well as all other traffic laws, in order to ensure a safe driving holiday.
The Fort Madison Police Department wishes everyone a safe and festive weekend.

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