Two officers assaulted Friday morning at ISP

FORT MADISON – Two correctional officers were assaulted by two inmates at approximately 8 a.m. Friday morning at the Iowa State Penitentiary. 

Two correctional officers were escorting an inmate back to his cell when the inmate began to assault the staff members with closed-fist strikes. As the two officers were attempting to defend themselves, another inmate that was in the area joined in the assault using closed-fist strikes and kicks towards the officers that were attempting to subdue the original aggressive inmate. A correctional counselor that was in the area attempted to help restrain one of the inmates, and responding officers soon arrived to take further control of the situation. While it was not used in the assault, a sharpened object was recovered from one of the inmates after the incident. 

All staff and inmates that were involved in the assault were assessed by prison medical staff, and no major injuries were reported. The two correctional officers were taken by department vehicle to local medical providers to have their injures assessed, and have since been released to recover with no major injuries. 

This incident remains under investigation.

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