FMHS AD addresses summer sports protocols – Letter to the Editor


Dear Bloodhound Nation,
As many of you already know we will be having a baseball and softball season this summer. Starting Monday, June 1st our high school baseball and softball teams will begin practice with the first games being played on June 15th. The state of Iowa will be the first state to open high school athletics back up, so we will have an opportunity, especially schools like us that are border towns, to showcase our programs, facilities, community, and leadership.

Our number one goal for this season is to make sure every one of our student athletes, parents, coaches, fans, and community feel safe and comfortable. At Fort Madison High School we have taken the proper safety protocols put out by the CDC and IDPH. Our coaches have been trained
as well as our administrators to make sure these guidelines are met and followed.

Fort Madison High School will also depend on our student athletes, parents, and community to help with following our safety guidelines. Parents, please make sure that you are monitoring your student athletes health and report to the coach or administration right away if your student athlete becomes ill. During practice we ask that nobody other than the players be in attendance and if you must stay then we ask that you stay in your vehicle. Student athletes will be asked to bring their own water bottle and drink with them as well as their own hand sanitizer. It has been advised that hand sanitizing is the best way to stay safe during practice. During games we ask that everyone in attendance be aware of social distancing and to spread out as much as possible. If you are able to bring your own chairs to spread out , instead of using the bleachers, that would be much appreciated. We also ask that parents and fans stay away from the dugout areas to maintain proper distancing. As we travel to other schools for away contests we ask that you make sure to be prepared to face other guidelines that a school district may have. Please be respectful of those guidelines set forth by other school districts.

Lastly it is our goal to provide a safe environment for our student athletes to be able to compete and showcase their talents. This is a tremendous opportunity for everyone and with all eyes on Iowa, we can take great pride in being the first to open high school athletics back up, and doing so in a safe manner for everyone involved. Thank you for supporting Fort Madison Athletics and we look forward to seeing you out on the Diamond very soon.

Thanks for your support and cooperation!

Jeremy Swink
Athletics/Activities Director
Go Bloodhounds!

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