Nauvoo man gets 55 years for 2019 sex crimes


NAUVOO – Nauvoo Police Department Chief of Police Mike Boley reports the conviction of Daniel Scott Lafferty, 34, of Nauvoo, IL on charges stemming from his arrest on May 28, 2019. Lafferty’s arrest came as the result of an investigation by the Nauvoo Police Department into allegations of sexual assault of a child having occurred in Nauvoo, Illinois.

On Thursday June 11, 2020, Lafferty plead guilty and was sentenced to 35 years on Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child, 10 years on one count of Child Pornography, and 10 years on another count of Child Pornography. All counts and cases are mandatory consecutive to each other for a total sentence of 55 years.


The prosecution was led by State’s Attorney Rachel B. Mast who called multiple witnesses at the hearing including Chief Michael Boley and Hancock County Jail Administrator Kelly Van Fleet. Mast admitted the victim’s bedroom door into evidence, along with jail calls of the defendant and child pornography images.

In Mast’s closing argument she presented evidence of sexual abuse that spanned a 2-year period across multiple jurisdictions. Mast referenced the victim’s bedroom door and asked the judge to “put the defendant behind a door he can’t bust in. So that [the victim] knows that door will not open for a very, very, long time.”

Assisting the Nauvoo Police Department in the investigation were the Hancock County State’s Attorney Rachel B. Mast, Warren County Illinois State’s Attorney Andrew Doyle, Macomb Police Department, Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Ft. Madison Police Department, Dallas City Police Department, Hamilton Police Department, Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, Lee County Iowa Attorney’s Office, Lee County Iowa Sheriff’s Office, Des Moines County Iowa Attorney’s Office, Des Moines County Iowa Sheriff’s Office, Reno, Nevada Police Department, Washoe County Nevada Child Advocacy Center, Children’s Advocacy Center of Hancock County, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and the Iowa Department of Human Services.

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