Hy-Vee to hand out masks to all customers starting Monday

WEST DES MOINES — In an effort to protect its customers and employees from COVID-19, Hy-Vee will distribute free masks to those entering its stores starting Monday, July 27.

The company will hand out more than three million free masks in an effort to help support the CDC’s recommendation to wear masks in public by launching a new initiative called “Mask It Up To Shut COVID Down. It’s Your Choice.”

Starting July 27, employees will be stationed at the front doors of all stores to hand out masks to customers who are not wearing one prior to shopping. Customers will also see signage, employee attire, and other reminders around the store about the educational campaign.

Hy-Vee employees have been wearing masks since nearly the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Midwest grocer was recently named one of the top three supermarkets in America for its handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

12 thoughts on “Hy-Vee to hand out masks to all customers starting Monday

  1. We wear pants in public to cover sexual parts.
    They want us to wear masks because of a politicaly correct group think.if there really was a plague like virus to the point we all have to wear masks to go out in public, we shouldnt be out in public.
    I guarantee the day after the elections this whole virus thing disappears because there will be huge headlines the morning after with a new pandemic with massive waves of hospilitations due to TDS2020..

  2. All businesses will soon require masks for customers. You will not be able to go into any of them without one. Most major retailers are now requirng them because politicians are too ignorant to make them mandatory. They realize it is best for profits and bottom line.

  3. Tommy –” I guarantee the day after the elections this whole virus thing disappears” –Truly ignorant statement–Wow

    1. No whats truly ignorant is taking my words out of context.
      what i said was the day after elections this virus will disappear because there will be an overwhelming pandemic of TDS2020 that will take the spot light.
      I see its already spreading too.lolol

  4. It won’t be long before even selfish and ignorant people will be forced to wear a mask in public or at all places of business. Only way to contain this virus. Will be the law.

    1. You know who else forces their people to wear face coverings?
      They also want anything they disagree with erased.it all sounds like whats going on lately.

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