Mayor leaves HTC graduation in protest

Mohrfeld told to wear a facemask or leave the event


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Mayor Matt Mohrfeld missed his son’s graduation on Sunday as he left in protest of students and families not being given the choice to wear a facemask at the event.

Mohrfeld said Monday that his decision was made as a father and not as the Mayor. And he said he was adamant that the move had nothing to do with masks.

Students offered face masks to anyone in attendance who did not have one out of Holy Trinity Catholic’s administration’s concern for the spread of the novel coronavirus during the pandemic.

“I know this might sound weird to you, but this in not an issue of just face masks,” Mohrfeld said.

“I respect everyone that wants to wear a mask and I would never discredit the research used by people to wear a mask, but it’s absolutely and positively up to the people and businesses that want to do that.”

Mohrfeld said his decision to leave and not see his senior son receive his diploma at Sunday’s ceremony was based on what he saw as hypocrisy in the system.

“On the day we’re trying to tell our children it’s time to be an adult, we should have put the information in front of them and allowed them to make a decision,” he said.

“They should have been able to decide. It was their decision on what was appropriate. As a parent, given that the person you’re talking to was raised in the 60s – I had a real problem with that.”

Mohrfeld said he was told by HTC Principal Michael Sheerin that to stay he would have to put on a face mask. Mohrfeld captured video of part of the entrance processional without wearing a face mask and then left the building in protest of the mandate.

Sheerin wrote in a text to Pen City Current Monday that parents and families were notified several weeks ago that if the event, which was originally slated to be held outside, was moved indoors everyone would be required to wear masks.

“What is the point of education if not to lay out information and have kids make a decision. Education is not about blind indoctrination. It just is not,” Mohrfeld said.

“It’s about teaching and allowing an environment where kids learn. I had a problem with that. They are adults now so they should be empowered and you should not make that decision for them.

“An education institution is not acting as an education system and I pushed back on that. They’ve got every right to ask me to wear a mask, but do I sit down and just comply with that when I don’t think that’s the way they should have gone about it? No.”

Mohrfeld’s son stayed through the ceremony with a mask on, as did two of his family members. All other attendees at the one-hour service wore masks and families were seated according to social distancing requirements.

Mohrfeld said he left the decision for his son to stay through the ceremony with his son.

“That got very complicated. He was torn between making a decision and disappointing his mother. He made a decision and God bless him. My decision was different than that,” Mohrfeld said.

14 thoughts on “Mayor leaves HTC graduation in protest

  1. Selfish act to miss a once in a lifetime event, your sons graduation. Even more selfish not to care about possibly spreading a deadly virus to others. Trumps delusions are contagious obviously.

  2. “Mohrfeld said Monday that his decision was made as a father and not as the Mayor. And he said he was adamant that the move had nothing to do with masks.”
    So he gets to decide when he is the Mayor and when he is not? Since when? It certainly seems to me that it had everything to do with masks. Also with community responsibility.

  3. Our mayor setting a great example for these graduates. He thinks it should be up to the students to set policy on regulations for a pandemic ?? 155,000 dead. Let’s let 17 and 18 year olds decide what is best.

  4. Being forced to do something part of a politically correct group think is cannot makepeople cover their faceshere in the USA.only muslims force and enforce their enslaved people to wear face coverings
    You all have lost your attack the mayor because you thought he was a democrat not a “trumptard”.you really think the mayor is ignorant?not all democrats support the current far left anti American totalitarian democrats right fact most smart ones are walking away from the democrat party.
    So what next,you expect the mayor to defund police and allow lawless riots and even change the name of our town to fit your anti American totalitarian democrat agenda?

    1. Not wearing a mask is not a Constitutional right. I’m sorry our educational institutions have failed you.
      The Government CAN require you to wear a mask to prevent harm to others. They require you to wear a seat belt, not smoke in public, and stop at stop signs. Stop being a baby and put a damn mask on your face.

  5. When you become mayor you don’t get to say I’m this or I’m that. Mohrfeld is the Mayor of Fort Madison every minute of every day, just as he is a father every minute of those same days.

    He talks about indoctrination, yet sends his child to a Catholic school. Aschool within a religion that has so much indoctrination you could feasibly call it a cult.

    Basically, Mohrfeld is a white, cis, male who thinks his entitlement and privilege are above everyone else. He’s worried far more about his personal opinion than about what international medical and science communities have been saying, and proving, for over 1/2 of this year. Not to mention the health, well-being and safety of the people in the community he’s supposed to be serving.

    THIS is the person you voted in, Ft. Madison. This is the person who’s running a town allowing TWO huge events to happen at the same time as schools reopen, during the highest levels of COVID-19 on record this far, and climbing radically.

    IF the people in this town don’t start seeing reality, people like Mohrfeld are going to only make this town worse and that is NOT something it can afford.

  6. Dear Totalitarians,
    you all are out of your minds.If you all are scared to get the flu just stay home.dont make the 99% suffer and take away their freedoms due to fear mongering.
    its already everywhere.theres no amount of running and hiding going to save might as well be going out in public in hasmat suits.
    And to call him a” privilaged white man ” is racist to say and so cliche to say now now you turned into a race thing.thats so democratic of you.what would you have said if mayor was black and did same thing?exactly my point.
    Not smoking in public and wearing a seatbelt in a motor vehicle is nowhere comparable to forcing people to cover their faces.thats like saying the government can force us to wear handcuffs to prevent us from committing crime.

  7. We need a new Mayor. One that cares about the public, all of the public not just people who support him and are related to him. One that will do his job and help bring jobs to the town, deal with the crushing taxes and overspending and spiraling out of control debt. Instead we have a mayor that 24/7 chases headlines and is only worried about the spotlight. If he was told he had to wear a mask to lead a parade he would have put it on quicker than you could say corruption. Maybe next election we will get a chance at voting for a man that will do all these things for us. 😉

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