County hits all-time high with 8 positives Thursday

The latest report from the Lee County Health Department on coronavirus activity on Thursday. No report was issued Friday.


LEE COUNTY – According to state coronavirus reporting on Sunday, Lee County hit a high in positive case counts on Thursday with eight. Lee County Health officials reported just one on a report sent out at approximately 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

The county’s rolling 14-day positive count hit 31 on Saturday, also a high for the county since reporting began in March. There were no reports of positive cases on Friday, but two each on Saturday and Sunday as of 2 p.m. Sunday.

On July 18, the county hit’s its lowest 14-day total since April 18 when only three had tested positive in the previous two weeks. But since that time the county has been on the incline.

The county has seen a total of 113 positive cases with a 3.7% positive test rate, however over the last 14 days, the county has seen an increase positive rate at 5%. The county has seen two deaths attributed to the virus.

As of Sunday 36% of those testing positive in Lee County are in the 18-40 age group, with 41-60 year olds making up 31%. Children under the age of 18 make up only 5% of the positive cases, while older adults 61-80 make up 21% and those older than 80 make up just 6 percent of all positive cases.

Des Moines County is also seeing a marked uptick in the 14-day rolling positive case counts.

On Thursday, that county recorded 10 positive cases and Saturday reported nine more positive cases setting a new 14-day rolling total high of 39. The state is reporting Des Moines County with a 3.9% positive result rate and 175 total positive cases.

Des Moines County has lost two residents to the virus according to state reporting.

In Iowa 930 people have died from the virus to date with 88% of the deaths coming in adults older than 61. Just 10% of the deaths attributed to the disease have been in younger adults 41-60 and just 2% in Iowans 40 or younger.

Iowa Department of Public Health is also reporting that just 55 of those 930 deaths are attributed to the coronavirus alone, with 645 of those dying presenting pre-existing conditions. However, the state lists 230, or about 25% of the cases, as “pre-existing condition unknown”.

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