Pothitakis Dentistry purchases LaHarpe practice


FORT MADISON – Pothitakis Dentistry is expanding it’s services into western Illinois.

Last week, Dr. Mark Pothitakis and Dr. Steve Rodeffer announced the acquisition of Rodeffer’s dental practice in LaHarpe, Illinois by Pothitakis Dentistry.

The purchase is the first out-of-state acquisition for Pothitakis, who said Rodeffer’s clients can be seen initially at any of the Pothitakis Dentistry locations in West Burlington, Fort Madison, New London, Mediapolis or Burlington.

Appointments can be set by calling any of the following numbers:
West Burlington, IA……….319-753-2515
Burlington, IA………319-752-7993
New London, IA………319-367-2311
Mediapolis, IA………319-394-3255
Fort Madison (East)………319-372-3614
Fort Madison (West)………319-372-4882

The dental office in LaHarpe will be closing with the intent to reopen in the future. Rodeffer has been providing dental services for more than four decades and will end his run on Thursday, Aug. 27.

“I’m excited for Dr. Rodeffer and his retirement, and our offices are looking forward to taking care of his current patients,” said Dr. Pothitakis on Wednesday.

Pothitakis grew up in Fort Madison, Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1992. He began his first dental practice in New London, Iowa and quickly expanded to offer services in the five communities.

In 2017, he acquired the practice of Dr. Charles Holmes in Fort Madison, which provided a second location on Fort Madison’s west side.

In the past two years Pothitakis has added two other dental physicians Dr. Stephanie Heyland and Dr. David Courtney to the group. They join Dr. Jonathan Dingledein, Dr. Barbara Gipple, and Dr. Ronald Stein in providing services in southeast Iowa.

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