City to hold forum on vacant property registration


FORT MADISON – According to City Building Director Doug Krogmeier, a public forum will be held September 16, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. at the Fort Madison Public Library in the Sheaffer Meeting Room to review a new Vacant Property Registration Ordinance.

The proposed ordinance would require all vacant structures to be registered and maintained to minimum standards in an effort to prevent structures from becoming dilapidated. The City encourages all citizens concerned about vacant/dilapidated structures to attend this public forum.

In June, the Krogmeier rolled out the proposed ordinance at a workshop following a Fort Madison City Council meeting.

The ordinance would require city residents to register any vacant property within city limits.

The ordinance also spellsout at what point the property would have to be registered, and under what circumstances. A proposed a fee schedule is also included in the proposal. Krogmeier said was not to generate funds for the city, but to cover the cost of the program.

He said there are about 50 vacant properties in the city right now that would be required to be registered.

Krogmeier said vacant properties become dilapidated and then become burdens as far as crime, police attention and even fire.

The ordinance would also require monthly inspection logs from the owners, and trigger an annual inspection by the city.

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