Housing authority helps FM family find home

Linda Patchett and daughter Hevin on the front steps of their new home.

Submitted by Pati Toops, Fort Madison Housing Authority Director

FORT MADISON – This doesn’t tell all the struggles I’ve had since getting out of a destructive relationship but it’s says from the heart.  When the housing authority asked me if they could do a piece on me and my daughter about getting our own house. I thought,  why me? I don’t deserve to be recognized in any way. I was just trying to do better for me and my child. But then, that’s what it is all about. Parents with children who for a variety of reasons need affordable housing and find it with the housing authority. I was lost! I didn’t know how to move forward. I was determined to move forward and upwards. I desired my own home. It seemed to me that my whole life I just wanted my own space. I searched for the right opportunity. I finally found one. With my brother’s co-sign and great friends to help with the move. I claimed a little house I could afford. I’m grateful that housing was there when I had no options in my last relationship. Me and my child needed a transitional living space. One that was suitable and affordable. I am also very happy to be a new homeowner.  So it needs paint. It’s a work in progress that’s all. We really do love our little home.

The Fort Madison Housing Authority is happy to have helped play a role in Linda and Hevin’s journey.  The FMHA wishes them many happy and healthy years in their new home.  Best wishes!!! Plant and gift certificate to local DIY store as a happy house warming present from the Fort Madison Housing Authority.

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  1. We cant just keep stomping our feet and yelling about all the bad things in our community. This report warms my heart and should show that there is a lot of good to be both talked about and done in the City of Fort Madison.

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