Kearns endorses Democratic candidates in election


Letter to the Editor:

Lee County is well represented in the Legislature with Senator Rich Taylor in the Senate and Representative Jeff Kurtz in the House.  Having served in the Iowa Legislature, I recognize when a person is sincere in their service and intent on assisting constituents.  Senator Taylor and Representative Kurtz both adhere to those qualities.   

Taylor and Kurtz have demonstrated their ability to fully understand the issues and to represent the residents of this district in a thoughtful and effective manner.   

Jeff attended school in and has been a resident of our county nearly all his life.  He attended Southeastern Iowa Community College and attended Iowa State University before joining the Santa Fe Railroad becoming a locomotive engineer and eventually retiring with over forty years of service.    

Rich is well known for his constituent work and resolving problems within state government.  His Senate caucus elected him as an Assistant Leader.  He is a military veteran and a long-time skilled tradesman who was employed by the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison for 27 years before retirement.   

I recommend you disregard the scurrilous ads that are circulating against these two public servants.   Both have capably demonstrated their leadership ability in their private lives and in the Iowa Legislature.  Both are family oriented candidates – and both understand the need and will continue to work for the education of our children, finding a solution for Iowa’s Medicaid problem, retaining and strengthening IPERS, and returning Iowa to a state that makes tax policy for the middle class residents of our state.   

If you believe – as I do, these are values worth your support, I encourage you to vote for Senator Rich Taylor and Representative Jeff Kurtz this election year.    

Jerry Kearns,  

3 thoughts on “Kearns endorses Democratic candidates in election

  1. Why do the criminals have the best and are treated best?
    No wonder they have to keep expanding it.the nicer ,comfier and better than home they make jail the more criminals wont mind being there.
    and besides if democrats get elected they will defund police and have moneyless bail so there really wont be a need for a jail anyway so vote tuesday…

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