Corral group thanks volunteers for great outing


Giving Thanks To Our City and Community

In a season defined by giving thanks, the Canine Corral Community Dog Park’s Fundraising Committee would like to express our gratitude to all our friends, neighbors and just plain good-hearted people who made last Friday’s tree planting at the park a resounding success! And while it is impossible to thank each and everyone personally, we do want to give credit where it’s due to the following:

First and foremost, the City of Fort Madison itself. From providing and fencing in the land for the park last spring … to drilling holes for trees and helping to plant them on Friday … the City has been our partner in this entire endeavor. We would particularly like to thank Mayor Matt Mohrfeld, the Board of Parks and Recreation, Andrew McFall, Mark Bousselot and Justina Cullen.

Our thanks as well to Mike Mohrfeld, who donated use of a backhoe to finish digging some of the bigger holes we still needed on Friday.

To Lisa Louck of the Iowa DNR office in Wapello, who was there to teach us all how to plant the saplings and also how to properly remove the large, potted trees and place them securely in the holes.

To the teenage girls from The Green Team environmental group at FMHS, who showed up unannounced and hit the ground running. And to the young men who are in their freshmen year at the high school who joined us, too. You kids ROCK!! Thank you for coming and thank you for caring.

And to all our wonderful volunteers and supporters along the way, our wholehearted gratitude. You gave us the precious gift of your time, sometimes your wallet (several people donated trees), your energy and your hard work. True community support like yours is what makes Fort Madison the wonderful community that it is.

Canine Corral Fundraising Committee,
Donna Amandus, Sharman Steeples, Anne Heitz, Patrice Jordan.

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