Reynolds to give live COVID address to Iowans tonight


DES MOINES – With the coronavirus spreading at record levels across the state, Iowa Gov. will hold her first live address to the state Monday night.

The Governor is expected to speak for about 10 minutes via her Facebook Page at Governor Reynolds’ Facebook Page beginning at 6:05 p.m.

The address is geared toward expressing the need for Iowans to practice safe mitigation efforts, as well as announce new steps to fight the virus.

As of Monday morning, the state has seen 1,991 deaths and more than 187,000 Iowans infected with the disease. The positivity rate now stands at just over 17% statewide with Jones County, just west of the Quad Cities, at a 50.8% 14-day positivity rate. Seventy of Iowas 99 counties are reporting higher than 20% positivity ratings.

Lee County has had 1,669 positive cases with 870 reported recovered and 14 deaths. The county positivity rate is at 22.3%. The county hit a 14-day rolling total high of 554 on Sunday.

Lee County Health Department Administrator Michele Ross is asking the county for additional effort to reduce the community spread.

“As a local public health administrator, I hope for all community members, and especially for our health care systems and dedicated health care workers, that there will be additional mitigation efforts put into place in Iowa which would involve wearing of face masks/coverings when in any public setting outside one’s own household, social distancing measures required in all public settings when feasibly possible, and strong messaging for people to stay home unless going to work or to get needed supplies/groceries.,” Ross said.

“Now is not the time to be gathering with friends in each other’s houses or in public settings as gatherings increase the risks of community spread. We are in a public health crisis and we need every individual to do their share in mitigating risks for further spread of this virus.”

On Friday the state witnessed an all-time high of 54,383 cases over the past two weeks.

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