Community Thanksgiving cancelled

Remainder of holiday activities in around Fort Madison still on for now


FORT MADISON – Due to concerns with rising coronavirus numbers curbing the number of volunteers, the Community Thanksgiving Dinner Committee has decided to cancel this year’s event.

“I feel so bad for all the people. That’s over 900 meals to people who need it,” said Fort Madison Chamber Coordinator Savanna Collier.

Collier said the committee struggled with the decision and finally decided to cancel the event Monday night.

In a message to Chamber members on the groups online Out and About weekly email blast, Collier said people should safely check on their neighbors and friends over the holidays.

“Many people are alone over the holidays anyway, but adding the extra isolation that this pandemic has brought upon us is very hard. Our community is great at stepping up when needed, I’ve seen it first hand, and the time is now,” Collier wrote.

Governor Reynolds issued a new proclamation on Monday pleading with Iowans to avoid group settings over the holidays and issued a quasi-face covering mandate when self-distancing isn’t possible.

Reynolds also limited indoor groups to 15 which would make final meal preparation at the Eagles Club difficult. She limited outdoor groupings to 30.

Collier said all the rest of the holiday plans including the Parade of Lights on Nov. 27 are still a go.

“We’ve had a few floats pull out because they didn’t want to be exposed to large groups of people, but we’re still moving ahead. If more floats pull out we may have to just go to lighting in the park,” she said.

“We’re gonna put it out there that people need to social distance but the parade route is fairly long so there is room to spread out. Wear a mask,” Collier said.

The Enchanted Forest, which is being held this year behind Aldis, is still on as Collier said she can control the flow of people through the display. Mistletoe on Main is still on as planned from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. November 28.

The committee has made calls to all those who had reserved Thanksgiving dinner deliveries and informed them of the cancellation. Collier said more than 500 pounds of turkey had already been purchased with some of the donations and those were donated to area churches and the Fort Madison Food Pantry.

The Food Pantry also received a donation of close to 2,000 pounds of food, equal to about $3,200 of groceries from OCI Iowa Fertilizer Co. So the Pantry has supplies for those in need over the holiday.

Collier said the group is committed to doing the event next year.

15 thoughts on “Community Thanksgiving cancelled

  1. Im sure there are tons of people who have already had the corona flu that could volunteer for this and more.canceling everything,now including our Holidays, is not the right answer.we need to get those whove had this and recovered to go out on front lines and do what alot of people are scared to do.

  2. Trump said the virus would magically disappear the day after the election… Lots of cult worshippers actually believed this…

    1. Bit biden said the day after election “would be a very dark winter” and alot of anti American democrat nazi worshippers voted for this.

  3. Even Fox news has now turned against Trump. Rudy Giuliani and Newsmax are all he has left in his attempt to steal the election.

    1. The last time this happened was with Bush and Gore. People are forgetting that Gore was president elect for 37 days, then Bush won in the supreme court. As the saying goes, it’s not over not by a long shot

  4. It’s over. That election was a dead heat, this one has Biden 64 electoral votes ahead, the same margin Trump won by. Biden has over 6 million more popular votes than Trump, Hillary actually had more popular votes than Trump. Trump lawyers have filed 36 lawsuits, 35 of them have been dismissed. These lawyers may have their law licenses revoked for filing frivolous lawsuits. What a joke. This election was not even close. Trump is a sick man.

    1. It will all go to supreme court.liberal democratic anti American judges in lower courts dont matter.
      legal votes by legal voters should only count.there should be a revote in person only with id in these states having so many problems..
      Actually people that work and pay taxes or are retired should only be allowed to vote.not the scum of the country lowlifes that dont contribute to society.people who wont work and take care of themselves depend on government to provide for them so ofcourse they will vote for the communist,socialist tax the working Americans to give to the lazy Americans agenda..thats the new “American dream”.

      1. No it is not gonna go to the Supreme Court. Trump does not get to overturn an election just because him and his flunky enablers don’t like the way it turned out.

  5. Trump tried to wreck the Post Office and remove mailboxes , and then eliminate ballot drop boxes, none of that worked, so now he is trying to steal the election in the courts. Funny how many of these phony lawsuits have actually been thrown out by judges that he appointed !!

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