Bees partnership ends with MLB


BURLINGTON – According to a release from the Burlington Bees on Wednesday afternoon, the baseball organization was not offered a license by Major League Baseball for the 2021 season.

The MLB and MLB teams today announced the 120 teams that were invited to receive a Player Development License and Burlington was not one of those clubs.

“The entire Bees organization is heartbroken by this announcement, but we are honored to have been in the Midwest League and part of Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball for so many years,” General Manager Kim Parker, wrote in the release.

“We are as deeply saddened as our fans; however, that does not mean baseball is over in Burlington.”

Parker said the organization is working to form a partnership with MLB to provide some sort of baseball in southeast Iowa.

Parker didn’t elaborate on what those partnerships or opportunities may look like, but said the organization is committed to keeping baseball in Burlington for years to come and are still looking at alternatives for the 2021 season and beyond.

“We hope to be able to announce our plans in the near future. We need just a little more time to finalize plans,” Parker said.

“Our passion for baseball runs deep and we are thankful for the relationships with players, coaches, sponosrs, and colleagues over the years, along wit hthe shared memories with so manhy individuals involved in both organizations,” she concluded.

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  1. Time to boycott the MLB too.
    We as fans have dumped trillions of dollars into these major sports and they do nothing in return but screw us and desecrate our country.
    We need to focus less on sports and more on real life need to be encouraged more to get an A on a test than to throw a ball in a hoop then maybe so many wont be worthless useless wanna be ball players and be productive members of society…

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