Farm & Home Supply going into former Shopko


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison officials confirmed today that Farm & Home Supply Co. out of Quincy, has signed a lease agreement with the owners of the former Shopko building on the city’s west end.

Tim Gobble, Executive Director of Fort Madison Partners, confirmed the transaction this morning, but said there were many details yet to be worked out.

“We just confirmed that a few minutes ago,” Gobble said Friday at about 12:30 p.m.

“The lease was signed a few days ago and we heard from the realtor and property owner today, so it is official.”

Farm & Home has corporate offices and a distribution center in Quincy, Ill.

They also have 12 retail outlets in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri, including a store in Keokuk.

Cool Investments, LLC out of Scottsdale, Ariz., purchased the building and the outlying property in September 2019 for $360,000 from a New York real estate firm that was liquidating property for the Shopko brand.

According to the Lee County Treasurer’s office, the land and building are valued at just over $915,000.

Shopko closed for business in Fort Madison in April last year.

Farm & Home Supply was founded in 1960 at Quincy Farm Supply specializing in products for homes and farms, and livestock needs.

1 thought on “Farm & Home Supply going into former Shopko

  1. That’s really great news. Based on the other Farm and Home stores it’ll be a lot like having Jacks back again. Jacks was greatly missed by a lot of people in the area when they folded. I found the Shopko stores to be a real disappointment. I’d go in every so often and it just reminded me of why I stopped going there to begin with. Bad layouts, terrible product selection, incoherent branding, high prices even in competitive markets I wasn’t shocked when the company went under. I was pleasantly surprised to see the building get a new occupant. I figured it’d go derelict like so many other empty buildings in FM have.

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