Hospital foundation awards $138K in local grants


The GRHS-FMCH Community Health Foundation is pleased to announce they have awarded funding for additional projects.
Elliott’s Test Kitchen was awarded $80,000 to be used to support the following programs: Summer Cooking Camps; Battle of the Books; Online Cooking and Learning and ACT Prep. Their programs prepare children in the community for opportunities in the future. Elliott’s Test Kitchen’s mission is to inspire passion for life-long learning and appreciation of healthy food. They provide academic support to students through a safe and compassionate learning environment, while also teaching them a valuable life lesson – how to cook healthy meals. Children from all backgrounds and, most importantly, those with adverse backgrounds benefit from these programs.
“We are honored and humbled.  We cannot thank the GRHS-FMCH Community Health Foundation enough for believing in our program,” expressed Kumar Wickramasingha, Director of Elliott’s Test Kitchen.
A monetary donation of $58,500 was also awarded to Lincoln Elementary School for the furnishing of a new STEAM lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art) onsite at the school. This will be a new program for the school with the goal of improving the mental health of the students at Lincoln Elementary by allowing the students to use their imagination and promote a positive learning environment different than the traditional paper and pencil learning.
“The students of Lincoln Elementary will greatly benefit from the funding provided by the Foundation. The opportunities it will make available to them will be endless,” commented Kelly Nelton, Lincoln Elementary, PTG Officer.
“The GRHS-FMCH Community Health Foundation is proud to be able to support these community projects and organizations.  Together we can improve people’s lives, especially our children’s, by providing the necessary resources to encourage healthy living.  We look forward to partnering with these and other organizations in 2021,” commented Neal Dodd, President of the Foundation Board.
The GRHS-FMCH Community Health Foundation’s mission is to improve the overall health of the communities Fort Madison Community Hospital and Great River Health serves. Projects are funded based on their connection to the Foundation’s mission.
The GRHS-FMCH Community Health Foundation was created in 2018 as part of the affiliation agreement between Fort Madison Community Hospital and Great River Health.

Organizations can request a funding application by emailing

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