LCHD releases updated vaccine rollout sheet

(Editor’s Note: The following is a release from the Lee County Health Department regarding vaccine rollouts in Lee County. It is reprinted in it’s entirety)

From Lee County Health Department

LEE COUNTY – We understand everyone wants a vaccine. The county is still providing vaccinations to those in phase 1A until the end of January. On Feb 1, all of Iowa will activate Phase 1B. Specifics about this group can be found at
New LCHD COVID Hotline
Please call 319-376-1077 for COVID related questions and/or to be added to the 75 years and older vaccine list.
Who is giving vaccines and how?
Lee County doctor offices and pharmacies do not have vaccines to give due to current vaccine shortages. For now, county public health receives limited doses approximately every other week. How much we receive, as well as who we vaccinate, is determined by the state. Appointments are scheduled to match the number of doses on hand.
What is LCHD doing now?
LCHD continues to vaccinate people in Phase 1a. We are creating a plan to roll out Phase 1B quickly and efficiently.
Plans for Phase 1B roll out:
Where? LCHD plans to schedule clinics for certain priority groups in phase 1B that will occur after Feb 1, 2021.
These will be done in a variety of ways such as by appointments only at our office, drive thru clinics, and on-site employer-based or site-based clinics. These will be on-going for several weeks depending on LCHD’s vaccine
How many and who?
LCHD plans to use 50% of all vaccine allocations for those 75 years of age and older and the other 50% for all others included in phase 1B while vaccine shortages exist.
How to get on the 75 and older Phase 1B list:
If you are 75 years of age and older, LCHD will take your name, phone number, location, and DOB or age and add you to a vaccine list. LCHD will contact you ONCE we have vaccine AND we have a clinic set up for you to go to. We will also be working directly with senior living sites and senior housing for on-site vaccinating when allowed by management. Phase 1B frontline workers and vulnerable population: LCHD is in the process of contacting your employer AND/OR on-site managers (if you live in a congregate or group setting) to start preliminary planning for vaccinating you when vaccines are available for your group. We ask that not every employee or individual or business call us at this time. LCHD will plan to reach out to sites when we can to schedule clinics whether on site
or at a predetermined location.
Things to remember:
We can only make appointments for the amount of vaccines we have on hand.
We have been working hard on plans to vaccinate as quickly as possible. If you are already on the 75 and older list, please wait for us to call you. We would like our phone lines to be open for those who are not on the list, have COVID questions, or are utilizing other LCHD services that continue taking place during this pandemic.
LCHD will continue to provide updates as we progress through Iowa’s Vaccine plan. Please continue to practice public health measures to reduce spread of the virus.

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