City to begin issuing notices for sidewalks with snow, ice


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison city officials are notifying residents that starting Thursday, notices will be given to property owners that have not cleared public sidewalks of snow and ice.

City Building Director Doug Krogmeier said due to excessive snow over the last month, compounded with extreme temperatures, the city has given property owners time to clear walkways.

“As the weather warms and people begin to get out again, it is important that property owners maintain safe conditions for pedestrian travel,” Krogmeier wrote in an email Wednesday.

“While the City intentionally held off from requiring public sidewalks be cleared for the safety of the property owners due to the extreme cold temperatures, the weather is warming and it is time to address these sidewalks.”

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, February 18, 2021 the City will begin issuing notices to property owners that have not cleared their public sidewalks of snow and ice.

Property owners will be given three to four days to clear snow from public sidewalks. If said snow is not substantially removed, City contractors will perform the task and the owners will be notified that the cost of abatement will be applied to the property taxes. 

City Code indicates that snow and ice not removed from public sidewalks within 12 hours of the snow and ice stopping is a nuisance that can be remedied by city action

4 thoughts on “City to begin issuing notices for sidewalks with snow, ice

  1. Im sure alot of them arent shoveled because its been too cold out for some to get out to do it but alot of them are not shoveled because people are days kids are too lazy and too soft to go out and shovel some sidewalks for some money.

  2. Hope there’s an accomodation for the elderly citizens who can’t clear their sidewalks. Any citizen or student groups, organizations who could do it for them? A phone # they could call for help.???

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