PAW shelter to get wild with Jordan’s Way Tuesday

Jorday's Way Charities is coming to PAW Animal Shelter for zany 4 hours of fundraising antics on March 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is livestreamed on the Jordan Way Facebook page and is geared toward engagement and fundraising. Courtesy image.


FORT MADISON – There’s going to be some howling at the PAW Animal Shelter on Tuesday.

Obviously no animals will be being harmed, but a national fundraising personality will be on hand for four hours to help the shelter raise funds for a new facility currently in the works.

PAW Director Sandy Brown said social media personality Kris Rotonda, founder of Jordan’s Way is making a run through Iowa and will be stopping at the PAW Animal Shelter Tuesday morning.

“So it’s a live video feed from the shelter and it’s four hours of this guy being here on the property and doing all kinds of insane things,” Brown said.

“There’s challenges during the whole event, dunk tanks, someone might get in a pie in the face and he attaches fundraising goals to everything. It’s just crazy and we can’t wait for it.”

A donation link to the event, which runs Tuesday, March 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. out at the shelter, is already live at the following link.

Brown said people are encouraged to come out and see what all the madness is about, and of course make a donation or contribution to the event.

Throughout the duration businesses that donate at least $100 will have their name on a placard that will be paraded around in front of the camera for the livestream.

But Brown isn’t stopping there. According to Jordan’s Way’s Facebook page, the events typically raise anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. Brown said if the support from this area surpasses $25,000 she’ll shave her head.

Other staff has offered to color their hair or do other antics. Rotunda has done things like provide cheeseburgers and hot dogs when funds surpass preset thresholds $5,000

Brown said there will be guest appearances from Fort Madison Mayor Matt Mohrfeld, Fort Madison Police Chief Mark Rohloff and Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber throughout the day. City Councilman Donna Amandus, who chairs the committee that brought the Canine Corral to Fort Madison will also be on hand.

Rotonda’s dog Jordan was adopted from a shelter and died recently. He then became a social media advocate for humane shelters around the country. Brown said he’s done more than 300 fundraisers across the country.

“Some people think all we do is pet puppies, take animals or euthanize and he started doing this to make people aware of what we do and the need for it,” Brown said.

“Most people think shelters get state or federal funding and more than 90% do not. This is his way of getting them noticed.”

Brown said she has proposed some ideas, but she really has no idea what to expect.

“We don’t really know what he’s going to do, but if you look at some of the videos on his Facebook page, it’s pretty much insanity for about four hours from what I’ve seen,” she said.

“It’s going to be fun and something we’ve never done before and I’m hoping it’s a kickoff to a friendlier fundraiser year than last year.”

For those that work during the day, the fundraiser feed runs for five days after the event so you can still donate after the event wraps.

Rotonda has been featured on The Dodo, Hallmark Channel, and in countless news stories across the U.S. He is the CEO of Jordan’s Way Charities, an investor, business owner, and popular YouTuber who has devoted himself to a 50-state tour this year where he is visiting 300 animal shelters.

“Jordan’s Way serves as the true “Make A Wish” style company for animals and those who help them,” Rotonda wrote.

“As we grow to millions of followers, the combination of our events, my energy, and the millions of people watching and sharing, we can truly clear the shelter while funding them at the same time.

“We have the power of social media today. Let’s use it and abuse it for a good cause.”

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