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I’ve espoused the benefits of copper before.  I completely cured the pain in my left elbow by wearing a copper bracelet.  I don’t even wear it anymore, nor do it need it.  The pain is gone. 

When my left hip and lower back acted up, and I was diagnosed with degenerative hip disease and two bulging disks, I thought, “What the heck?  If copper can work on my elbow, I wonder if it can work on my hip and back.”  However, where to find a copper waist belt?  I wondered if I could fashion something out of copper.  I’m an Iowa farm boy and ex-drunk.  If we need it and can’t find it or afford it, we make it. 

 With Ginnie in tow, I went to a hardware store and bought a coil of heavy copper wire.  When Ginnie asked what it was for and I told her I was going to fashion a copper wire belt, not only did I get the eye roll, but also a head shake and slumped-shouldered sigh/huff.  I think she gets wore out with my eccentricities. 

I fashioned a crude copper-wire belt and wore it under my pants.  I’m not kidding.  It worked!  The pain in my hip and lower back began to subside.  Then I discovered there are copper infused support items for sale at department stores.  I won’t mention the name brand because I get in trouble with newspaper editors.  They call it “advertising.”  But I purchased a copper infused back support belt.  Pain gone, 100%.  I don’t even wear the support belt or copper wire anymore.  Gone, adios, sayonara.

When my ankles started hurting from jogging on the treadmill, I remembered seeing the copper infused ankle supports.  Presto-changeo, pain gone.  I’m wearing the ankle supports right now and my ankles are 100% pain free.  They also have copper-infused wraps for knees and elbows. 

Now for my right shoulder.  My orthopedic surgeon tells me I have a torn rotator cuff.  But he also tells me that 75% of men my age (I’m 72) have torn rotator cuffs.  He’s very discouraging about surgery, telling me my shoulder will be in a sling for six weeks and I won’t be able to raise my arm above my head, even after it heals.  Considering my level of activity—I like to make metal sculptures out of heavy farm junk—six weeks in a sling is a no-go.  To date he’s given me three cortisone shots and they last for about six weeks.

My shoulder has been bothering me a lot lately.  It hurts so bad in bed at night that it throbs and radiates down into my hand.  I’ve tried physical therapy and I don’t want another cortisone shot because too many of those, I’m told, are not good for you.  And I don’t want surgery or pain pills.  I’ve looked for copper-infused supports for the shoulder but there isn’t much.  The shoulder is sort of tricky to wrap.  I wondered if I could fashion something out of copper wire.  

Voila!  It’s a down right miracle.  I fashioned a crude U-shaped copper band to go over my shoulder.  To hold it in place I used the “handy-man’s secret weapon”–duct tape.  Yep.  It worked, and fast—like overnight.  I’m serious.  Pain gone!  I can reach the middle of my back with a wash cloth now, something I hadn’t been able to do for eons.  It’s a little awkward wearing the copper wire under my shirt, but not that bad.  I’m looking forward to the date when the pain will be gone 100% and I won’t even have to wear the copper wire.

I’ve found a copper infused support t-shirt for the shoulder on-line and I have it on right now.  The shoulder pain seems to be subsiding.  I am so pleased.  Ginnie is wearing copper infused, fingerless gloves (makes her look like a cage fighter) for arthritis in her fingers.  She’s not as enthusiastic about copper as I am, but she’s also from Missouri—the Show Me State.

Before you ask, yes, there are full, copper-infused body suits.  For the consummate connoisseur.  

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