Potowonok Circle donates $1,000 to FMCH Foundation

Connie Graber, Potowonok Circle presents a donation to Allison Blodgett, Physical Therapist and Kristin Smith, Occupational Therapist.


FORT MADISON – The Potowonok Circle of King’s Daughters donated $1,000 through the FMCH Foundation to support a pediatric sensory room in the FMCH Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Center.  The monetary donation was used to purchase a sensory swing and hardware; six clouded sky ceiling light panels; and a fourteen-foot bubble lamp. 

 “We are very grateful for this donation.   The new sensory room at Fort Madison Community Hospital will allow physical, occupational and speech therapists to improve developmental skills, attention and behavior regulations in children with a wide variety of diagnosis such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy,” expressed Emma Kruse, FMCH Speech Therapist.

A pediatric sensory room helps children improve their visual, hearing, and sense of touch while also, developing their fine and gross motor skills. By providing a sense of calm and comfort, a sensory room can help children learn to self-regulate their behaviors and help them to focus.

FMCH Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Center provides therapy services for patients of all ages, including physical, occupational, speech and aquatic therapy.

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