Explosive device found on Avenue O Monday night


FORT MADISON – The State Fire Marshal’s office is looking into a device that was found in the 2800 block of Avenue O Monday night.

Fort Madison Police were called to the area at around 8:10 p.m. Monday and asked for assistance from the Fort Madison Fire Department.

Firefighters were called at 8:14 to investigate what is being described as a possible explosive device. After barricading the scene and blocking off an the Intersection of 28th Street and Avenue O, the fire marshals office was contacted.

Fort Madison Police Chief Mark Rohloff confirmed today that the incident is under investigation.

“I can confirm that a State Fire Marshall was requested to respond to a suspected explosive device. It was crudely constructed and found abandoned by a citizen,” Rohloff said Tuesday morning.

“Although no persons or structures were endangered, precautions were taken by having the fire department on scene. The components are being analyzed and it remains under investigation.”

An agent from the state fire marshal’s office arrived and took control of the scene and requested sand be brought to the scene by the city public works department in addition to barricades. The agent determined the area was safe and tagged the components before clearing the scene.

Authorities from Burlington Northern Santa Fe were also notified due to the proximity to a rail line just south of the intersection, but no interruption of service was reported.

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