FM boys win Keokuk Relays; girls take 4th

Fort Madison's Aija Jenkins clears the 4-10" mark in the high jump at the Keokuk Relays Tuesday night. The Lady Hounds finished 4th in the co-ed meet. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC

Central Lee boys and girls both finish in 7th place


KEOKUK – The Fort Madison Bloodhound track team parlayed top performances from Jakob McGowan and Garrett Hannum, and some strong relays into a first-place finish at the eight-team Keokuk Relays Tuesday night at Calvert Stadium.

McGowan took first in the 100-meter dash at 11:59 and then just missed the 21-foot mark in the long jump with a 20-11″ leap to take the title in that event.

The Bloodhounds’ Garrett Hannum and Macaden Rhoer rode tandem in the 400 hurdles with Hannum taking 1st place with a time of 59.57, followed by Rhoer with a 1:00.87 for second place. Rhoer also took 4th in the 110 high hurdles at 17.91

Hannum, McGowan and Rhoer combined for 43 of the Hounds 179 team points, which was good enough for the top spot. Mt. Pleasant was 2nd with 146 points. Central Lee boys tied for 7th with 29.

Central Lee’s Wyatt Schulte clears the hurdle in the boys’ shuttle hurdle relay Tuesday night at Calvert Stadium in Keokuk. The Hawks took fourth in the event with a time of 1:13.14. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC

The Hounds also took first place in the 4×200 and 4×400 relays.

The Fort Madison girls took 4th place overall with 93 points. Mt. Pleasant won the relays with 165.5 points. Central Lee came in 7th with 49.

The Lady Hounds got first place finishes in the distance medley with a 4:47.74 and the shuttle hurdle relay anchored by Reyna Lampe with a time of 1:17.75.

Central Lee’s Abby Wellman had the lone first-place finish for area girls when she edged Fort Madison’s Raquel Schneider by 1.3 seconds in the 400 meter hurdles with a time of 1:09.15. Fort Madison Taylor Barnes was 5th with a time of 1:23.20.

Paetyn Wiegand was 3rd in the 3000 meter run at 13:17.24 and 4th in the 1500 at 5:57.73 racking up 11 points for the Lady Hounds.

Fort Madison’s Paetyn Wiegand makes comes down the back stretch in front of the stands at Calvert Stadium in Keokuk during the 3000 meter run Tuesday night. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC

FM’s Lampe took 3rd in the 100 hurdles at 16.81, while Central Lee’s Zoe Eschman was 4th with a mark of 17.56.

The Hounds Ethan Deacon was third in the shot put and discuss. Central Lee’s Thomas Eschman was 3rd in the long jump, and the Lady Hounds Aija Jenkins took 3rd in the high jump for her second meet a in a row.

Complete results for Central Lee and Fort Madison are below.

Girls area results
100-meter dash: Central Lee: Rylee Matlock 14.46 (8th), Adrienne Britt 15.64 (17th), Shanna Buford 16.12 (19th))FM R. Steffensmeier 14.83 (10th); Emma Kern 15.53 (14th), Mackenzie Rainwater 15.62 (16th).
200-meter dash: Central Lee: Olivia Kraus 30.53 (15th), MaKayla Howard 30.56 (16th), Nevaeha Stice 34.42 (21st). FM – Taylor Johnson 29.10 (7th), Aija Jenkins 30.21 (13th), Mazie Hotop 34.64 (20th).
400-meter dash: Central Lee – Taylor Griffin 1:17.06 (9th), Shanna Buford 1:17.73 (10th).FM – Paetyn Wiegand 1:11.84 (6th), Madison Meyer 1:16.28 (8th).
800-meter run: Central Lee – Amanda Gilpin 3:04.21 (14th). FM – Lauren King 2:56.06 (7th), Madison Meyer 3:59.55 (9th).
1500-meter run: FM – Paetyn Wiegand 5:57.73 (4th).
3000-meter run: FM – Paetyn Wiegand 13:17.24 (3rd)
100 hurdles: Central Lee – Zoe Eschman 17.56 (4th), Allison Kerr 20.55 (11th), Brooklyn Jones 21.33 (13th). FM – Reyna Lampe 16.81 (3rd), Chloe Sokolik 19.67 (9th).
400 hurdles: Central Lee – Abby Wellman 1:09.15 (1st), FM – Raquel Schneider 1:10.44 (2nd), Taylor Barnes 1:23.20 (5th).
4×100 relay: Central Lee – Central Lee A 56.55 (3rd), Central Lee B 1:01.49 (10th), FM A – 58.81 (8th), FM B 1:10.53 (12th)
4×200 relay: Central Lee – A 2:00.12 (3rd), B 2:16.93 (11th). FM A 2:10.60 (8th), B 2:16.54 (10th)
4×400 relay: Central Lee – A 4:52.95 (6th), FM A 4:46.73 (4th)
4×800 relay: Central Lee – A 13:05.85 (5th). FM A 12:11.12 (3rd)
800 Sprint medley: Central Lee A 2:06.51 (4th). FM A 2:12.12 (7th)
Distance Medley: Central Lee A 5:11.56 (6th). FM A 4:47.74 (1st)
4×100 Shuttle Hurdle: Central Lee A 1:15.69 (3rd), FM A 1:17.75 (1st)
High Jump: FM – Aija Jenkins 4-10″ (3rd), Taylor Johnson 4-2″ (9th)
Long Jump: Central Lee – Halo Arrowood 13-5″ (12th), Allison Kerr 11-9.5″ (20th). FM – Emily Steffensmeier 15-2″ (4th), Rylee Steffensmeier 13-6″ (11th), Kylee Cashman 13-4″ (13th)
Shot Put: Central Lee – Shanna Buford 26-9″ (14th), Nevaeha Stice 24-7″ (20th). FM – Alexis Whaley 31-0″ (5th), Kylee Cashman 30-2″ (8th), Maylie Gordon 21-11.5 (23rd).
Discus: Central Lee – Shanna Buford 71-0″ (14th), Nevaeha Stice 64-8″ (17th). FM – Alexis Whaley 85-1″ (9th), Mazie Hotop 59-10″ (21).

Boys results
100 meter dash: Central Lee – Thomas Eschman 11.91 (3rd). FM – Jakob McGowan 11.59 (1st), Kane Williams 12.11 (4th), Gavin Wiseman 12.19 (6th).
200-meter dash: Central Lee – Hunter Gregory 26.14 (10th). FM – Andrew Schaefer 23.61 (2nd), Joey Dodson 23.99 (3rd), Landes Williams 25.31 (7th)
400-meter dash: FM – Dayton Davis 52.71 (1st), Hayden Segoviano 59.42 (7th), Teague Smith 1:01.68 (11th).
800-meter run: FM – Austin Miller 2:11.60 (2nd), Nick Fullenkamp 2:23.89 (9th), Will Gager 2:27.15 (11th), Tanner Stoermer 2:40.92.
1600-meter run: Central Lee – Grant Anderson 5:56.15 (16th). FM – Will Gager 5:20.28 (8th), Hayden Wolfe 5:36.29 (12th), John Cottrel, 6:01.10 (18th).
3200-meter run: Central Lee – Grant Anderson 13:00.77 (10th). FM – Hayden Wolfe 11:40.81 (4th), Will Gager 11:45.54 (5th), Cameron Shutwell 13:26.55 (11th).
110-hurdles: FM – Macaden Rhoer, 17.91 (4th), Henry Wiseman 19.91 (8th).
400 hurdles: Central Lee – Derick Denning 1:09.18 (9th). FM Garrett Hannum 59.57 (1st), Macaden Rhoer 1:00.87 (2nd).
4×100 relay: Central Lee A 49.86 (7th). FM A 46.48 (3rd), FM B 48.10 (5th).
4×200 relay: Central Lee A 1:39.07 (5th), FM A 1:34.13 (1st), FM B 1:37.71 (4th)
4×400 relay: FM A 3:37.32 (1st), FM B 4:01.70 (6th).
4×800 relay: FM A 9:58.80 (6th)
800 Sprint Medley: Central Lee A 1:55.01 (8th). FM A 1:41.57 (2nd), FM B 1:49.33 (4th)
Distance Medley: FM A 3:52.79 (1st), FM B 4:36.69 (8th)
4×110 Shuttle Hurdle: Central Lee 1:13.14 (4th), FM 1:10.67 (3rd).
High Jump: FM Mikey DiPrima 5-10″ (2nd), Dayton Davis 5-8″ (4th)
Long jump: Central Lee: Thomas Eschman 19-11″ (3rd). FM Jakob McGowan 20-11″ (1st), Mikey DiPrima 18-9″ (6th).
Shot Put: Central Lee: Brody Fuller 31-10″ (19th). FM – Ethan Deacon 45-3″ (3rd), Jake Perry 33-1″ (17th), Cuyrin Ross 32-0″ (18th), Matthew Moore 26-5″ (24th)
Discus: FM – Ethan Deacon 114-0″ (3rd), Jake Perry 90-11″ (11th), Cuyrin Ross 90-6″ (12th), Christian Vincent 66-7″ (22nd).

The Hounds’ Andrew Schaeffer tries to catch up to the field in the Sprint Medley in Keokuk on Tuesday night. The Hounds’ squad would finish in 2nd place to Mt. Pleasant with a time of 1:41.57. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC
Fort Madison Brock Califf hands the baton to Gavin Wiseman in the first leg exchange in the sprint medley Tuesday night. Fort Madison won the title in the boys meet, while the Lady Hounds took 4th. Central Lee finished in 7th in the boys and girls meets. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC

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