Illner Green takes over as FMAAA director

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FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Area Arts Association is pleased to announce Lori Illner Greene as their new Director. FMAAA thanks the former Director, Brian Riggs, for his many years of charismatic service. Under his guidance, FMAAA expanded from its former location at the Depot into it’s present location and year round event and exhibition schedule. The Board of FMAAA is excited to continue to offer much of the familiar line-up of events and activities at the Art Center. With a new Director of course comes new energy and ideas. Greene is passionate about Community building activities. Arts and culture are natural foundations for bringing a community together. After moving to Fort Madison in 2013, she quickly found herself volunteering for Main Street events and became a regular attendee of FMAAA happenings. She has the experience to both run and grow the business side of the FMAAA, with an eye towards expanding the art related programs and offerings. 

Greene, an area artist located at her home studio in Niota, Illinois, began volunteering at FMAAA in 2019 when she and the previous Director, Brian Riggs, collaborated on Working Artist Wednesdays during that Summer and early Fall. The program was designed to have a local working artist on site to assist with covering some hours that were otherwise difficult to fill. Having a working artist on site provided another facet for visitors to the Gallery to experience. Currently enrolled in a Masters in Fine Art program, Greene will graduate next year with an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts. “Contemporary Art continues to evolve,” says Greene. “There is a great deal more room and outlet for expression than when I first became exposed to Art in the 80’s. While traditional methods and mediums are still potent, craft is experiencing a resurgence. Artists continue to develop new outlets of expression. Mixed media and digital art have evolved and matured. There is renewed interest in supporting creative thinking as a component of education as STEM is giving way to STEAM. This push is often led by business as they seek to add creative thinkers and innovators into their ranks.”  

The future looks bright for FMAAA. After roof and interior renovations early this year brought much needed improvement to the structure of the facility, they are firmly on track to continue to evolve and expand their mission to bring cultural programming to the Community and Southeast Iowa region.  FMAAA is located at 825 Ave G. They have temporary hours of 11am – 4pm Tue, Thu, Fri, and Sat as they transition over the next few weeks.

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