Reader blasts Republican party – Letter to the Editor


What kind of person would refuse to even meet with the grieving mother of a fallen officer who was attacked defending the people and the very democratic processes that make this country the envy of the world? The answer? Most Republicans, especially in Washington DC. Gladys Sicknick, Brian Sicknick’s mother, begged Republicans to do the right thing and vote for a bi-partisan commission into the January 6th insurrection. You only have to look at Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, to see their sickening response.
This is the party that claims to “Back the Blue.” Well on Jan. 6th we all saw how “Back the Blue” changed to “Bash the Blue.” There were even active and retired law enforcement officers in that mob attacking Capitol Police officers with the intent to stop the proper and fair certification of a free, fair, and secure national election. Don’t take my word for it. Ask officer Michael Fanone. His testimony is chilling.

Even the GOP’s own constituents and commentators are disappointed with them. Conservative, S. E. Cupp asks her party, “What are you here for, if not to preserve the Republic and protect American democracy?” Good question. Ask your Republican representative and senators if they have an answer. They are, almost to a person, parroting and spreading the “Big Lie” from the man who lost them the White House, the Senate, and the House (thank God). Republicans are the party of white grievance, conspiracy theories and lies, and that’s the best thing you can say about them. They just removed one of their most conservative members from leadership because she dared to speak the truth about the election, replacing her with a suck-up.

This is a Republican party that stands for nothing, except occasionally obstruction. They couldn’t even be bothered to make a policy platform, which might be why they’re so terrible at governing. Knowing now they can’t continue to win fair elections, Republicans are considering and passing voter suppression measures across the country. Jim Crow 2.0. Well of course they are. They show us every day just how craven they are in pursuit of power. They want desperately to avoid accountability for Jan 6, 2021. That’s not going to happen. The chickens will come home to roost. Democrats will see to it.

William Windsor,
Fort Madison

5 thoughts on “Reader blasts Republican party – Letter to the Editor

    1. Ashley Babbitt was shot by a police officer defending the government from a hostile overthrow. Republicans apparently don’t believe in the slogan “Blue lives matter” as they like to claim they do. Only when it fits their narrative, not when they are attacking the police trying to defend the capitol.

  1. All the terrorists that attempted to overthrow the government with the attempted coup on Jan. 6th should have been shot dead. Survivors should all be imprisoned for Treason including Trump and all of his flunky cronies.

  2. The anti-American Nazis are the ones Tommy that don’t respect election results and attempt an overthrow of government to keep a fascist dictator in power to end democracy.

  3. but still yet nevermind the democratic based terrorists in major cities of our country that have been overthrowing the government for the last year…….

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