Only novelty fireworks allowed in city limits


FORT MADISON – As everyone knows the laws regarding the sale and use of fireworks in Iowa has changed. As we are in the middle of the July 4th sales and use period, and we have retailers actively selling fireworks in Fort Madison, here are a few reminders about the sale and use of fireworks.

Licensed retailers and community groups are allowed to sell fireworks out of permanent structures to adults between June 1st and July 8th and between December 10th and January 3rd of each year.

Sales can be made from temporary structures, such as tents, from June 13th through July 8th of each year.

Fireworks can also be set off for public events throughout the year by special permission granted by the Fire Chief. Examples of the events would be Rodeo and Riverfest or other such events. 

Fireworks that are classified as Novelties, such as handheld sparklers, snakes, smoke bombs and party snappers are allowed. All other fireworks are prohibited within city limits.

Fireworks that are launched and give a loud report upon detonation are examples of first class fireworks and are prohibited in city limits. Second-class fireworks are those that produce sparks such as large sparklers, pinwheels and such that do no leave the immediate area and produce no loud report. Both classes are unlawful inside city limits.

Complaints of fireworks will be investigated and may lead to a summons to court and confiscation of fireworks.    

The Chief of Police or designee is charged with the duty of enforcing these provisions.  The penalty of violation of this chapter shall include confiscation or destruction of any prohibited fireworks and in addition fines up to and including $500 per violation or in amounts not to exceed those allowed for a municipal infraction.  The city, Police Department or Fire Department is authorized to enforce said violation as a municipal infraction as set forth in this code of ordinance.

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