What was Cuomo thinking? (And Ernst, too)

Here is one of the persistent questions rattling around in my head: Why are some well-educated people seemingly so lacking in common sense and good judgment?

I’m thinking about Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor for the past 10 years.

Cuomo is hanging on to his job by a thread. His job security is so precarious I wouldn’t recommend buying any green bananas for the governor’s mansion. 

New York Attorney General Letitia James, herself a Democrat like Cuomo, issued a scathing report last week that found he had created a toxic work environment inside the governor’s office. Specifically, she concluded he sexually harassed at least 11 current or former state employees, all women, since 2013.

The harassment included unwanted groping, kissing, hugging, pressing himself against the women and inappropriate comments. The harassment continued because the governor and his senior aides engaged in pressure, cover-up and retaliation against the women to discourage them from speaking up, the attorney general said.

How is it a graduate of a prestigious university, and a lawyer by training, is not wise enough to see this is terribly wrong? Doesn’t he remember the litany of prominent men who have been felled by their inability to understand that prominence does not give them the right to treat women like sexual playthings?

There is no question Andrew Cuomo needs to go. President Joe Biden said so. National Democratic Party leaders said that. The entire New York congressional delegation said he should resign. And the Democrats’ super-majority in the New York State Assembly has signaled that impeachment will begin if Cuomo does not leave.

They all recognize that a politician cannot pretend to lead 20 million people after a parade of women have accused him of breaking the law by sexually harassing them — especially after the top law enforcement official in New York concluded there is sufficient evidence to believe the women. 

If that were not devastating enough, an assistant to Cuomo filed a criminal complaint last week that he reached under her blouse and grabbed her breast when she was sent to his office at the governor’s mansion back in November.

For his part, Cuomo sounds just like many prominent men against whom similar allegations have been made: The investigation was biased. None of the allegations are true. The women misinterpreted innocent gestures. Some of the women initiated the interactions they later complained about.

This mess will either end in Cuomo’s resignation or impeachment. For baffling reasons, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst decided last week to try to inject the federal government into the middle of a state government matter.

She introduced an amendment to Congress’ bipartisan infrastructure bill. The amendment would prevent money allocated by the legislation from going to “any state in which the governor … has been found, by the relevant state or federal authorities, to have sexually harassed employees.”

Ernst said of her amendment, “It’s one way he can be held accountable because obviously nobody’s stepping up and holding him accountable.”

Just as Cuomo never adequately contemplated where his brazen conduct could lead, it appears Ernst never adequately considered the ramifications of her hastily drafted amendment, either.

Withholding infrastructure money from New York would not just affect Cuomo. It would also punish the one-third of New Yorkers who identify as Republicans, as well as people from other states who travel through New York. 

They drive on the same roads and bridges as Democrats. They use the same transit systems as Democrats. They ride Amtrak and use airports just like Democrats. They rely on the same water and sewage systems as Democrats.

Blessedly, the Ernst amendment died quickly. Her proposal could have led to wide-ranging consequences that are not good for a two-party system of government.

Would Ernst think it is appropriate for Congress to keep federal farm program payments from going to states where the governor “has been found, by relevant state or federal authorities,” to have refused to allow cities, counties and local schools to impose mask requirements to fight Covid’s Delta variant?

Would Ernst think it should be permissible for Congress to block federal aid to colleges and universities in any state where its two U.S. senators “have been found, by relevant state or federal authorities,” to have voted against creating a special commission to investigate the riot at the U.S. Capitol? 

Would Ernst think it is appropriate for Congress to keep states from participating in the federal renewable fuel incentives if a state’s governor “has been found, by relevant state or federal authorities,” to have failed to set water quality standards that are comparable for agricultural runoff wastes and for wastes from manufacturing plants? 

That’s why Ernst’s amendment is ill advised. 

But Joni Ernest and I do agree sometimes. We both share the same opinion of Andrew Cuomo, and we both have the same view of what should happen to him.

Randy Evans is Executive Director of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council and can be reached at DMRevans2810@gmail.com. Pen City Current is a member of the IFOIC.

2 thoughts on “What was Cuomo thinking? (And Ernst, too)

  1. Why did Coumo think he could get away with it? Simple. He “took the ticket” offered by the ruling elite which allowed him to get away with what he is accused of and worse until he became of no further use to the ruling elite and he was thrown to the wolves. He’s hardly alone in his behavior. Remember Senators Dodd and Kennedy making waitress sandwiches at local bars and far worse. Barney Frank and the pedophilia and prostitution ring ran out of his home. Serial rapist Bill Clinton. Iowa’s own terminally corrupt Tom Harkin’s extracurricular activities of the deviant nature. Democrat Arizona state Senator Tony Navarrete who had a rape dungeon for children. Not to mention Joe Biden’s pervert creeping caught on open microphones where he propositions and sniffs obviously uncomfortable little girls. Then there are his documented naked showers with his own kids and grandkids of both sexes. At this point he should use a windowless white van as the presidential limo and paint AF1 all white with free candy scrawled across the fuselage and tail. This isn’t difficult information to find. The MSM propaganda organs try to downplay these sorts of things unless it serves the purposes of the ruling elite. You can find this information it if you look. It’s found with Rs and Ds and it’s voluminous.

    Lest you think the other side of the bifactional ruling party, the Republicans, aren’t right in there with the selling of their souls for cash and prizes and the perks of kiddy diddling and deviant sex. The long running joke in DC was that GOP stood for Gay Old Pedophiles. They were pretty much on the mark. Bush1 and his Lincoln Savings and Loan/ boystown boys in the oval office. Denny Hastert and his kid victims. Senator Larry “wide stance” Craig and his “rough trade” cruising of airport and bus station bathrooms and other homosexual hangouts.

    The ticket takers – Rs and Ds, Gs and Ls, the Controlled Media, the think tanks, the pundit class, The Deep State, The Military Industrial Complex, the Gates, Soroses, the Kochs, the Adelsons, the Zuckerbergs etc – your real rulers and your betters- think they can get away with it because for the most part they can. They’re owned by or are part of the ruling elites and as long as they’re useful to their masters they get wealth, power, and perversions to satiate the most evil and base desires of human beings. When they cease being an asset and become a liability they’re given the treatment Cuomo is getting if they’re fortunate. If not they’re giving the Epstien treatment aka SecDef James Forrestall treatment. See also Arkenside treatment.

  2. Why, you ask?

    Well…The reason “MEN” like Cuomo believe they can get away with sexually harassing and assaulting behavior is because the U.S. judicial system and society upholds it every.single.day.

    It was upheld when Brock Turner walked free with a hand slap.

    It was upheld the day Bill Cosby got a pass from multiple and decades long sexual abuse.

    It was held up the day Roman Polanski got to hide out in another country.

    It was held up the day two Missouri boys were backed by an entire town that wreaked so much havoc on both victim’s lives that they have both committed suicide.

    It was held up the day that Woody Allen was supported by the white elite.

    It was held up the day that men across the country backed Harvey Weinstein.

    It was held up the day that Mike Richards lost his Jeopardy gig, but didn’t lose his cushy executive producer job.

    It was held up every time a woman’s clothes, level of intoxication, sexuality, location, occupation, or looks we’re the “reason” someone didn’t get prosecuted.

    But most of all, it was held up the day we allowed Trump to “lead” this country with our votes—his history of being a sexual predator is long, storied, and backed by audio (and visual) proof. Yet, THAT is the kind of person the willfully ignorant people of this country decided should uphold our supposed democracy.

    Men, you created and have upheld this patriarchal society that, to this day, refuses to view women as much more than trophy or chattel…the day will come when the next generations of your lineage will have to face the repercussions of what you and your ancestors have chosen. And I personally don’t think that day can get here soon enough. If you wield a penis and want to know why, I suggest a long look in the mirror.

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