Letter to the Editor – Accountability is coming


Republicans, like any common criminal, selfish child, or cowardly bully, wish fervently to avoid accountability for their actions. Their supporters will do everything within their power to see them accomplish this goal, including lie, rewrite history, develop selective memory, employ distractions, use “what-about-ism,” and invent false equivalencies. All of this is exactly what was going on for the entire Trump administration. We watched it play out in real time. There are five or more years of documentary footage and recordings we can review now to watch it all again. The effort to erase the events of January 6, 2021, is just a continuation of the Republican effort to avoid accountability. Democracy-loving people and their representatives must not allow that to happen. 

Look at the Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, in the US House of Representatives. There is no breach of conduct, either ethical or procedural, that he won’t silently condone among his Republican members. But let one of his members speak, or even attempt to discover the truth about the insurrection, and he is quick to publicly punish them. Just ask Liz Cheney. He himself has said he will make it his mission to punish and even “shut down” those companies that agree to provide information to the Jan. 6 House Select Committee in response to requests or subpoenas from the committee. Republicans promoting lies or disinformation are rewarded, those seeking or speaking truth are punished. No wonder the GOP hopes to avoid accountability. Sorry. Accountability, like winter, is coming.

William Windsor
Fort Madison

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