Lee County releases candidates for Nov. 2 election


LEE COUNTY – Although there are many seats up for election in North Lee County during the Nov. 2 city and school general election, there are very few contested races.

The most prominent election in north Lee County will be for Fort Madison Mayor’s spot with Rodney Hoskins II again taking a shot at the mayor’s seat currently being held by Fort Madison businessman Matt Mohrfeld.

Mohrfeld will be seeking his second term in the seat after taking over in 2019 when former Mayor Brad Randolph didn’t seek re-election.

Hoskins challenged Mohrfeld for the seat in 2019 and was defeated handily 823-61. Joe Helmick gave Mohrfeld a stiffer challenge losing 823-516.

The rest of the Fort Madison council seats which include the at-large seat currently held by Rusty Andrews, a 2nd-ward seat the was won by Tom Schulz in a special election and a 4th ward seat currently held by Mark Lair will all run uncontested. Jack Gray is the only candidate who has turned in papers to fill Lair’s spot.

In Donnellson, Dave Ellingboe is running unopposed as the incumbent for mayor. Jeremy Marshall, Selissa Weber and Brian Moeller are all running again for council as incumbents. Only David Newton will seek a seat as a non-incumbent.

In Houghton Gale Thompson is the only candidate for Mayor, while Marty Bentler, Kurt Lowenberg, Cheryl Brock, Jay W. Henrich and Russell Schwartz all have filed papers for City Council.

In Keokuk, there are three candidates for Mayor with Tom Richardson not seeking re-election. Carol Mardis, Devon Dade and Kathie Mahoney have all turned in papers for the mayoral seat.

Keokuk also has three new candidates for an at-large position. Former County Assessor Teresay Murray is running, as is former councilman Daniel Winn and Carl Morgan. Carissa Crenshaw and Richard West will square off for the 1st Ward seat. Roslyn Garcia is running unopposed as the incumbent for the 3rd Ward, while Linda Marsden will retain her 5th Ward seat running unopposed. Former councilman Michael Greenwald will run unopposed for the 7th Ward.

In Montrose, Matt Mullins will take his first seat in political office running unopposed for the Mayor seat, while Mark Holland, Tony Sciumbato, Kent Rubey and Emma Rubey all are seeking council seats.

John Dingman is running unopposed for mayor of Saint Paul, while Erin Dop, Marty Bentler, Brent Pieper, Mark Hymes and Rod Cox will all be seeking seats on the council.

In West Point all incumbents will retain their respective seats. Paul Walker is on the only candidate for mayor, while Will Stuekerjuergen, Joe Loving, Brian Meierotto, and Dan Waters will all retain their seats running unopposed for the council.

In the school board races, Central Lee will not have any contested races as current board members Anthony Sciumbato and Brock Westfall will both run unopposed and are the only two candidates to turn in papers for a seat on the board.

But Fort Madison will have a loaded election with Paul Wilkerson and attorney Mio Santiago both filing for seats on the board. Also potential newcomers could include Allena Garr, David Allen, and Jadi Zioui. Current Board members Brad Menke and Brian Steffensmeier have filed to retain their seats. Former board president and current board member Tim Wondra will not be seeking another term on the board.

Keokuk School board has six new candidates running including Bonnie Peevler, Hayley Handyside, Clint Wray, Lacy Ames, Jeff Dahl and Sharon Seay. None of the current seven board members are seeking re-election.

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