Letter to the Editor – No Dignity Left

In Newton, Iowa on 1/11/21 Chuck Grassley referred to the January 6th Capitol Riot as an “insurrection”. He said, “Right now, there’s very little opportunity for Trump to lead the Republican Party”.

Referencing the Capitol Riot again, Grassley released the following statement: “Everyone must take responsibility for their destructive actions yesterday, including the President. As the leader of the nation, the President bears some responsibility for the actions that he inspires, good or bad. Sadly, yesterday he displayed poor leadership in his words and actions, and he must take responsibility.” Grassley went on to say, “President Trump continued to argue that the election had been stolen even though the courts didn’t back up his claims. He belittled and harassed elected official across the country to get his way.”

So, in Grassley’s own words Trump isn’t fit to be the head of the Republican Party, he is responsible for the insurrection on January 6th, and he lied (and still is lying) about the election being stolen. Yet, after receiving Trump’s endorsement at a rally in Des Moines on October 9th, Grassley behaved like the sycophant that he is simpering, fawning, and bootlicking, much like a puppy waiting for a pat on the head from his owner.

You sold your soul, Mr. Grassley, and lost any dignity that you may have had left. I hope that belly scratch you got was worth it.

Deanne Enderle
Keokuk, IA

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor – No Dignity Left

  1. Grassley is wishy-washy, you’re correct on that part however I think your perception of what happened on Jan 6 is a little skewed.

    The people that went into the capital building that day were stupid but an insurrection it was not.

    Let’s not forget that despite what CNN & MSNBC along with the current administration would like you to believe, the only actual fatality that day was an unarmed woman shot through a window by a capital police officer that should have been fired months before for leaving his firearm in a public bathroom.

    Everything today is one side or the other. There’s no middle ground anymore and fewer and fewer people that feel comfortable thinking for themselves and those that do are afraid to speak their thoughts out loud out of fear of being shamed or canceled. In fact, CNN just said a few days ago that you SHOULDN’T do your own research and reach your own conclusion on things because it could lead to dangerous misinformation. If that isn’t a red flag then I don’t know what is.

    Personally I don’t trust Trump any more than I trust Biden or any other politician and I see right through people that think Trump can do no wrong just as much as I see through people that think Trump can do no right.

    I miss the days when we didn’t all treat a political party or politician like a sports team and swear blind fealty to them like so many seem to have done over the last few years.

    Fake insurrections, overblown racism and people not believing in make-believe genders isn’t a threat to our democracy and country, people that blindly follow one person or another or one belief or another without any actual critical thinking or research of their own IS.

    Nothing we’ve seen over the last couple of years is new, it’s all been done before. We saw the same tactics used in 1917 Russia, the same tactics used in 1930’s Germany, 1949 China and in many smaller countries since. Poor against rich, ethnicity against another ethnicity, religion against another religion, us against them, you against me, Reichstag burned by them so WE have to take total control during an emergency.

    Stasi pitting neighbor against neighbor, children against parents, entire building full of intelligence reports on every single citizen to ensure they weren’t an enemy of the state. Listening to an unauthorized radio broadcast that spouts out misinformation that goes against the state’s hard line on what’s right? Gulag, work camp, disappeared.

    The Soviet Union didn’t build a wall in Berlin to keep the west out, they built it to keep East Germans in.

    Communists/Socialist/The left have a wonderful tactic that really shouldn’t work but it does. That tactic is to project all of the bad stuff they do onto the “others”.

    For example; people on the right are fascists. When’s the last time you saw someone on the right telling you what you can or can’t say, what you can or can’t think, mandating private businesses to do certain things or be taken over by the state or destroyed or telling you that you have to take an experimental drug or have your ability to work or shop taken away from you in this country?

    Let’s also not forget some basic history.

    The Republican party was created for the sole purpose of ending slavery, it was an abolitionist party. The Democrat party was adamantly against ending slavery and in fact Southern Democrats seceded and caused a civil war over it. Let’s also not forget in more recent times who pushed Jim Crow and segregation, the party of George Wallace who stood in a school doorway in Huntsville, Alabama to try and block black children from entering the school in 1963. In present time, let’s not forget some of the things Joe Biden said and some of the people he worked with in his early career in the senate.

    The Democrat party is not and has never been the champions of all that is good an holy regardless of what you might hear on the news or from your friends on Facebook. The Democrat party has a VERY checkered past and while their messaging may have changed a little over the years, their underlying tactics and beliefs have not.

    Now to be fair, the Republican party hasn’t always been a beacon of hope either, the Bush dynasty is proof of that. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq… nope. Patriot act… still the biggest threat to freedom in this country. Bank bailouts and too big to fail… that’s some Democrat socialist stuff right there.

    The left wants to throw the word “woke” around a lot lately but the left is about the most asleep group of people I’ve ever seen. It’s like you’re all in the matrix with a direct feed from CNN & MSNBC plugged into your brain and it’s blue pill all the way.

    A KGB defector in the 1980’s tried to warn us about all of you that are “woke” on the left, his name was Yuri Bezmenov. Search his name on YouTube to see what he had to say about what the Soviet Union was doing to our country back then and what to expect. The Soviet Union may have crumbled but their ideology lives on. Right is wrong, good is bad, they’re against us, you’re against me and no matter how black and white the facts in front of you are you just can’t see it. Absolute and complete brainwashing. You see, the Soviet Union knew that they could never defeat the United States unless they were able to break our morality and patriotism. Both of which I’d say is now broken in about half of the population in this country.

    You see, whenever a person starts to see everything in black and white, right or wrong, them or us, you or me we lose the ability to think critically for ourselves. We put ourselves in an echo chamber and surround ourselves ONLY with people and ideas that solidify our cultish beliefs… we lose our empathy for others that might think differently or look differently. We start to demonize “them” and believe “we” can never be wrong.

    We don’t live in a world of absolutes however the world would be a much more simple place to live if it were. That’s why so many people are so easily seduced into beliefs where everything is binary, it’s easy.

    Communism and socialism are a failed experiment, it’s been tried several times and no matter what anyone says, real communism HAS been tried and it’s been tried several times and failed. Socialism is just a more politically correct term for Communism. Capitalism left unchecked creates a wealth gap and a predator vs prey environment.

    For our country to work, for our democracy to work we need to work in the middle. We need to understand the merits of left-leaning ideas as well as right-leaning ideas. We’ve never strived for a “perfect” union, only a “more perfect” union. Perfection is the enemy of the good and your perfect utopia is another person’s hell, remember empathy and understanding.

    What happened on January 6th did NOT burn the capital down (although I sure feel like some people on the left were hoping it would), the people that went into the capital did NOT murder people and for the most part the people that went into the capital were every-day regular American citizens that treated the capital building with respect and did NOT destroy it. Was it a stupid idea? Absolutely. Has anyone been charged with insurrection? Nope. Why? Because it wasn’t an insurrection.

    Did anyone that burned the police precinct building down in Minneapolis charged with insurrection? Nope, although it should have never happened BUT the people in charge made the call to let the building fall. By the way, I lived and worked in the Twin Cities area for 8 years and have shopped at the Target they burned down, have been down Lake Street many times and have friends still up around that area. I have one good friend that lives only a few blocks away that was scared to death when that was all happening and was thinking about spray painting “BLM” on his garage door hoping they might leave him alone. What happened in Minneapolis at least in my opinion was a whole lot scary and closer to an actual true insurrection than what happened on January 6th but nobody really seems to care much about that or mention it on the news. After all, it was mostly peaceful outside of the burning, looting and people dying. And oh yeah fun fact, many more people died during the BLM riots than died in the January 6th incident.


    From your post it’s clear that you’ve bought into the “all or nothing, you vs me” cult mentality. Trump can do no right and Biden can do no wrong. It’s all black and white in your world now, there are no more grey areas. You now live in an easier, more simple world than what you lived in 20 years ago. You’ve taken the path of least resistance, you’ve taken the blue pill.

    In your perspective of the world I’m a domestic terrorist and I’m your enemy. I believe that scientifically there’s only 2 genders, I’m a healthy relatively young person with no underlying health conditions so I don’t believe that I need an experimental vaccine to protect me from a cold virus with a 0.001% mortality rate and I believe our kids don’t need to be learning about sex at all let alone same-sex anything or how they’re inherently racist if they’re white in grade school so according to your cult’s dogma I need to be silenced, removed and wiped out. I need to have my ability to earn a living, buy things or sell things stripped away until I comply with your belief system.

    Personally, I don’t believe you’re evil or a bad person. I do believe your misled and ill-informed. I do believe that there are people in power counting on enough people like you to push through an agenda that is dangerous and evil. I don’t believe you should have your ability to earn a living taken away, I don’t believe that you shouldn’t be able to go to a movie, go to a restaurant or send your kids to any school you want. I don’t believe that you shouldn’t teach your kids about multiple make-believe genders or same-sex marriage. I don’t believe that you should think exactly like me.

    I believe that you have the inalienable right to believe, think and say anything you want and that I have no right and the government has no right to say otherwise. I don’t believe that I or the government has the right to tell you what you can and can’t teach your children. If you truly believe socialism in this country is the answer then you should have the right to shout that from the top of the tallest building you can find. I may not agree with it but who am I to try and silence you or to say what you believe is wrong or dangerous misinformation. I believe the more free-flowing information and ideas we can get the better, let the people decide what they agree or disagree with, let individual people do their own research and critical thinking, let the people make up their own minds.

    Just because I come to a different conclusion than you doesn’t mean I’m good or bad and doesn’t mean that we should hate each other or want to “cancel” each other. So I think differently than you, so what? I should be able to tell you that the conclusions you came to are stupid and here’s why, and you should be able to tell me the same. Neither is required to walk away with a changed mind and neither should really give it another thought once the debate is done. I like Reagan and you like Mondale, OK. Now let’s go get a beer and do something else. This is how things used to be and how things should still be today without all of the propaganda, thought-shaming and cancel-culture nonsense.

    Speaking of Reagan, he did say something in his farewell speech that I think is prolific. Here’s what he said…
    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

    Now I’ll admit that I was born in the 70’s but as far back as I can remember Reagan was my first president and I hold a special place for him in my heart. BUT… that quote brings a tear to my eye considering where we are as Americans today.

    Absolutely Reagan was right there, but what really tears me up is knowing what you consider freedom is different than what I consider freedom to be.

    I believe freedom is the ability to think and say whatever you want, to find your own path in this world and the ability to raise yourself up through hard work and dedication no matter what your station in life might be when you’re born.

    You believe that freedom is the ability to make everyone think and say the same as you. You believe freedom is equal outcomes and NOT equal opportunities.

    Another quote that I’ve always found profound is from Benjamin Franklin…
    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    When I first heard the Patriot Act was passed sent up red flags for me considering this quote. Now with the Covid situation that quote plays in my head more and more.

    Now I know this is a long post and if Yuri Bezmenov was right you won’t even be able to see any of the logic I’ve laid out here, but no matter how much it would appear that the scale has tipped and that the people in our country are too far gone, I can’t let myself lose hope that there’s still a chance to save our people and to save our republic. (Side note, I said republic and not democracy).

    At the end of the day can’t we all just agree that Trump’s an a’hole and Biden’s an idiot and then move on to something more constructive?

  2. “the only thing we have to fear,is fear itself”
    Them was the good ole days when it was just a game of “what if” to stricken us with unneeded fear to distract.
    now the only thing we have to fear is the loss of our American freedoms,like free speech,thought,and being born under the wrong tribal identiy……

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