FM Fire Department issues burn notice


FORT MADISON – The City of Fort Madison Fire Department will allow the controlled burning of leaves only from November 1, 2021 to December 5, 2021 without application for a temporary burning permit, subject to the following restrictions per International Fire Code:

  1. The open burning of leaves shall only be allowed from one hour after sunrise, to one hour before sunset.
  2. No open burning will be allowed on any Public Street, alley, or sidewalk.
  3. The location of the burning area is not less than 50 feet from any structure or not less than 15 feet from any structure if an approved waste burner is used.
  4. A competent person shall constantly attend all fires until the fire is completely extinguished.
  5. A working garden hose or other fire extinguisher is readily available for use.
  6. Any fire causing a nuisance or reported discomfort shall be immediately extinguished.
  7. The Fire Chief may prohibit any or all open burning when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make open burning hazardous.

Applicants for temporary fire permits for any purpose must be obtained from the City Fire Department.

Adherence and conformance with these procedures outlined should be of positive benefit to the citizens of Fort Madison.

The City of Fort Madison hereby notifies the citizens and property owners of the proper procedures for disposal of the fall accumulation of leaves.

According to City Code Title 6, Chapter 3, Section 14:

Littering: No person shall throw, rake, deposit, drop, or spill leaves, litter, solid waste material or foreign material upon the streets, sidewalks, or other pnblic rights of ways within the city.

This section of the City Code prohibits the raking of leaves into the street or alley for the purpose of disposal. The Primary reason for this prohibition is to keep the leaves from entering the storm drain system. An accumulation of leaves can block the storm drain inlets or clog the storm drainage pipes that could result in flooding.

Residents have the option of bagging leaves in approved yard waste bags for pickup by city crews or to haul the leaves to the Landfill for composting. There is no charge for dumping yard waste at the Landfill.

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