Councilwoman addresses crime issue – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor;

I would like to address the issue that a fellow Council person has brought to light.  

Homelessness and food insecurity is an issue that has nothing to do with race, but also have little to do with crime. If this is indeed the concern, then let’s address the real problem shall we? 

I encourage everyone to please donate and volunteer at our Food pantry and the Emma Cornelius house. Criminalizing homelessness and food insecurity is not should not be an option. 

However, I do applaud the efforts of Community watch programs.  They are an asset to our community. They are blind to color and race and focus on what is important.  I sincerely hope that those in all districts continue to support community watch efforts across our wonderful city.  

If you look at historical numbers, there is not an increase in crime in our county, but rather a shift in the way it is reported and glamorized in social media.

Look not at color of those committing the “recent crime” that has occurred but the individual circumstances that surround each heinous act. 

Finally I leave you with the need for us as a Council and a community to move forward together. Not divided by hate and threats, but rather a strong desire to work together to achieve the common good. 

Donna Amandus
Fort Madison City Council for Third Ward

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