City looking to deal on vacant lots

This aerial photo from Google Earth shows property in the 1300 block of Avenue H that the city is looking to sell for business development. Information on the site is available on the city's website.

City has 11 properties for sale and wants three to see business development


FORT MADISON – The city of Fort Madison is looking to deal on about eight properties in town, three of which officials are hoping to see some business development on.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Fort Madison City Council, City Clerk Melinda Blind said the city has some properties it is looking to divest itself of and the properties will be put up for bid on the city’s website.

“The city has some properties we need to sell. We’ve done up little flyers and they will be listed on the city website. We have signs that will be placed in the yards, too,” she said.

The properties for sale are at 2614 and 2618 Avenue O, a block and a half south of Hy-Vee; 2715 Avenue O, which is one block to the west; 1301 Avenue I, a half-block southwest of the Daily Democrat; 1410 and 1412 Avenue E; and 1713 and 1715 Avenue H.

Blind said the city is using a process that Burlington uses to move city property into the hands of developers.

“We will put a minimum bid on it and people can come in and fill out a form and then turn it in. Then the bid comes before the city council where the mayor can use his gavel,” Blind said.

She said bidders will have to be responsible citizens without any reports of nuisance properties in their name. The city will list the properties on the website where they will stay until someone shows interest in it.

She’s already had calls from interested parties about city properties that might be for sale.

“Hopefully, we might seem some changing of the hands on these.”

There are also three other properties that are being advertised for development proposals.

Those three are located at 1320, 1324, and 1328 Avenue H which is property across from River City Motors Plus on Business 61.

City Building Director Doug Krogmeier said the city would like to see some business development instead of solely housing replenishment.

“Some we’re going to treat a little differently. I don’t want to just see a house go up on it. We’ll try to work with somebody for a business. Something that will be of benefit to others,” Krogmeier said.

Blind said the city can create an agreement with anyone who purchases the property to rehabilitate it.

“The people come in and they agree for $500 they buy the property – they come in and fix it up – get permits and Doug comes in (to inspect) and they have a certain time frame to do this. Hopefully we’ll get more properties taken care of this way,” Blind said.

9 thoughts on “City looking to deal on vacant lots

  1. Disgusting the city is sending letters to low income citizens to fix “nuisances” or tear down of their homes.the mayor and the current counsel are out of control.focus on fixing our roads instead of putting fear and panic into a majority of citizens.
    The private property police stay clear of my property.

    1. Strange you don’t mention Morfields Solar deal with the city? Or the fact the Morfield family will own the marina when it’s complete. Or that Morfield is the subcontracter on almost every one of these projects. How come people don’t wake up and see the corruption.

      1. Unfortunately you are unseccesful in everything but being an internet troll.
        I am the hammer about to drop on the city ……

  2. The story clearly says Mohrfeld would be installing the solar panels. That is in the story. That’s the extent of that relationship unless Red Lion would hire him for a repair under the maintenance contract the city would have with Red Lion. You understand that’s what Mohrfeld Solar does…install solar? Not sure I could be any more clear. This is the same agreement Red Lion has had with Lee County, Southeastern Community College and other entities in the area, which was also included in the story. They all seem pretty happy with the results of the work and the cost savings. I’ve spoken with them. Not sure what your beef is this time. I don’t have any information that Mohrfeld will own the marina. You can provide that information? You can read several media outlets that have information about the public/private partnership that exists within the entity. There will be private partners that will take a profit and assumed some risk, and that information hasn’t been made public yet, but we would assume it will be forthcoming shortly and will be reported when that information becomes available. As with any retail/industry/business development, the information is released slowly so as not to scare anyone off. Just the way it’s always been. We report when it’s released.

    1. I have ZERO “beef” with a hometown company getting city contracts. My “beef” is exactly as I have explained. This was not put out to bid. This wasn’t offered to any other Solar companies. And you defending the council by saying “do I know of any other….” Doesn’t make it right. Every time we have these $1.00 land sales and contracts and subcontracts there should be a public bid so that other companies are givin an opportunity to compete instead of handing the deal to whomever you want. “What your beef is this time, smh” Jesus

      1. GOD FORBID that people have any other opinions other than the WOKE. God forbid people stand up to what is morally wrong and corrupt. Maybe what is the difference is that my pockets are not being stuffed by the crooked like the people who continue to defend them. You can always make the connection to the people who defend corrupt things in town. In one way or another either themselves or their family or their business benefits from the corruption. Maybe I need to advertise in this paper to not be scolded for my comments or my opinions.

  3. The easy answer to this mess is we vote out the current mayor and most of the city council.
    They have a good portion of the citizens in this town in panic and depression due to the probly illegal private property policing and theft of cars and homes.its sickening the mayor and council are more worried about cleaning our private property than cleaning up the methies running the streets of our town.
    To anyone being harassed by the city take advantage of our 7th amendment.due ordinances are not legal state or federal laws.ordinance enforcement is paying for pet projects and filling pockets of family and friends of the mayor and some city council members and other city representatives.
    The city does not have the right to take possession of your house because your roof is leaking or your grass is too tall among many other illegal acts that have been goin on the last few years.
    Don’t be ignorant people.learn your rights.look them up on your phone instead of what’s on Facebook.

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