City extends slogan, flag contest


FORT MADISON – An effort to replace the city’s flag and create a new slogan has been extended by city officials.

City Councilman Donna Amandus, who originally proposed the contest, said she wants to extend the contest to Sept. 16 to allow for additional submissions. Amandus proposed the contest to help reflect on the city’s new focus on growth.

Amandus unveiled the contest two months ago at a regular Council meeting. To spur interest, Amandus said the winning flag will receive a $500 cash prize. She also said the city needs a new slogan.

A committee was formed that includes City Councilman Kevin Rink, LCEDG Administrative Assistant Carmen Salazar, Pen City Current, and the Daily Democrat.

The new flags would need to have a design that works both horizontally and vertically so they can be flown or hung on the new poles that are lining the new Hwy. 61 work through Fort Madison.

The city’s current slogan is Always Moving, but Amandus said people are taking liberties with it on social media and adding words to the hashtag that are detrimental to the city’s forward motion.

She said the new slogan should also reflect the city’s new efforts at growth.


“This new design should capture what makes our city unique as a community and will serve as an illustration, or trademark if you will, of what our city represents,” Amandus said.

She said people who live or go to school within the city of Fort Madison will be able to submit their individual designs. A contest form will go up on the city website at in the next few days and will be shared with the school systems.

The new deadline for submissions will be Friday, Sept. 16 at 5 p.m. and they can be entered online, mailed, or dropped off at City Hall at 811 Avenue E.

The entries will be logged anonymously and then all the admissions will be judged by the five-person committee and be cut down to the top five submissions. Those five submissions will then be listed in a poll at and for a public vote. The top three vote getters will then be forwarded to the City Council to select the winner on May 17.

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